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Doug R
04/12/11 04:00 PM  
First Flanders Beer, vigorous ferment??
I'm doing my first Flanders beer today! I'm following the recipe in Wild Brews with the Rosealare from Wyeast. Not sure what to expect from the initial fermentation. Is it vigorous? Should I use a blow off tube? I'm out of town for the next couple of days and just a little anxious...
04/12/11 06:15 PM  
Re: First Flanders Beer, vigorous ferment??
Depending on how fresh your packet is you should not have to worry about any blow off. What size batch are you fermenting and in what size fermenter. If you have ample head space for the krausen you will be fine.

Roselare does not really "rage" as other yeasts do. When I have used it, it was not overly vigorous and can even take more time than typical to get started so don't be too worried.

Keep in mind that you are brewing a sour beer and if you do have fermenter over flow, the bugs will sour the beer eventually anyway.

Doug R
04/12/11 07:17 PM  
Re: First Flanders Beer, vigorous ferment??
I've got 5 gallons full in a 5.75 gallon carboy. Not a whole lot of head space. Just don't want it all over the floor so someone else has to clean it up haha.
tom sawyer
04/14/11 08:15 AM  
Re: First Flanders Beer, vigorous ferment??
It has a regular Sacch yeast in the mix so I'd install a blowoff just in case, 14% head space isn't much.
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