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04/04/11 06:21 PM  
Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
I have a few Saisons that I am brewing over the next few months. I have read a lot about using different types of Bretts at bottling for Saisons.

The only thing is that I have rarely heard what has been successful or the flavor contribution from each.

Can you please be specific what Brett you used (WL Brett C, Fantome dregs ...) and what type of Saison. Thanks.

Mike T
04/05/11 11:44 AM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
I really like White Labs Brett C, it adds fruit along with some funk, but doesn't overpower. I'm happy with where Al's ECY Brett Blend #1 is at the moment as well, but that beer (a big-ish rye saison) is still pretty young.
04/05/11 02:38 PM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
I have used WY brett B, L., and C. I have also pitched the dregs of many brett heavy beers (Jolly Pumpkin, Fantome, etc) into various saisons I have made over the years.

I really enjoy Brett B for finishing ONLY when it is secondaried at cooler temps (think cellarlike at 50's or so). It seems to produce more subtle character and does not run away with the beer producing overly farmyard, goaty, or horsey aromas/flavors as I have experienced with warmer temps.

Brett L produces a nice sour cherry aroma in secondary but the flavor does not fully back the aroma up.

Brett C. has given me nice tropical fruit aromas and flavors albeit I used it as a primary yeast with a small sour mash.

Fantome dregs are quite complex and would add them after primary fermentation is complete as the lacto can sour the beer pretty fully if added early in primary.

04/05/11 03:01 PM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
I like Jolly Pumpkin Bam dregs, but they produce a pretty sour beer, so make sure that's what you want if you use them.
Rob B
04/06/11 11:14 PM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
Sorry to piggy back on this but it is related. I too, like to use dregs particularly Jolly Pumpkin, haven't played much with Fantome but it sounds like several have had good success with it. So my question is this...how does the lacto in those dregs work so well to sour a saison especially with the hop character a saison has? Yet, if I use commercial lacto and keep my IBU's single digit I can't get the lacto to work to save my life.
04/07/11 08:51 AM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
I've only added brett to one saison and it was orval dregs. I have to wonder though after that experiment why? It is a wonderful beer, but it is no longer a saison IMO. I have not had any other brett'ed saisons and not many commercial examples of saison's (of any kind) are available near me. So, I have no frame of reference. I have to wonder, why bother making the effort to make saison only to overpower it with brett when you could make a simpler beer and add brett to that. (ducking!) I really am curious, not trying to cause trouble here. I would like to try it again, but it seems like I went through a lot of effort to make a tasty and good example of a saison and I ended up with a certainly tasty beer with little saison character left. I will grant that perhaps it was not saison-y enough to begin with. I like my saisons more sessionable strength. Maybe that was part of the issue.
04/07/11 11:39 AM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison

i have always assumed that Fantome's lacto has been used to working in higher IBU environments for some time which has made their particular culture more tolerant and able to sour a beer better. I also think that they might have some pedio in their blend as well which will help to sour things in addition.


I have had recently better luck with aging Brett'd saisons on the cooler end of the scale which slows the growth and performance of the brett added. This has given me more subtle aroma's and flavors than when warm conditioned. I enjoy this subtlety more than the typical "run away with your beer" goaty, sweaty, fecal, farmyard, horseyness that some brett species can contribute.

Temps around 50-56 degrees seem to have worked best for me. I am only going by my experience and what my palate enjoys best. YMMV.

04/07/11 03:58 PM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
Thanks for the responses.

My intention for this beer is to keep the Saison flavor profile but to add a bit of funk. I think Saisons work will for this because they are fermented so dry. I'm not looking to sour this Saison just to funkify it.

Brewinhard - thanks for the detailed descriptions - I'm liking how the cold conditioning with Brett B sounds.

If anyone else has suggestions please post. I will be brewing this beer in about a month so I have time to change my mind.

04/28/11 05:39 PM  
Re: Favorite Brett to Finish a Saison
My favorite beer right now is a Saison finished with Orval Dregs (brett b). It has this really nice dry sweet aroma and perfect amount of funk.

I added a couple of bottles of dregs and let it work in the lower 60s for a bit before letting it finish at fluctuating room temps.

I hope I am able to reproduce this one.

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