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04/04/11 12:39 PM  
Thomas Hardy & lager yeast
I've read that Eldridge Pope used a Bavarian lager strain as their initial pitch out of 3 when making Thomas Hardy. I have a Dunkel planned with a WY 2206 Bavarian lager strain, and a Thomas Hardy clone (attempt) soon after. Any thoughts on using the Dunkel slurry for the Thomas Hardy?

Also, while we're discussing it, I was looking at using 100% Marris Otter with a long boil, possibly first-runnings only, with a second parti-gyle beer to follow. Standard English hops like EKG or Fuggle.

Mike T
04/05/11 11:46 AM  
Re: Thomas Hardy & lager yeast
No comment on using the lager yeast, but some thoughts on the 100% MO beer. A trick I picked up from Hair of the Dog is to boil down below your target volume, this increases Melanoidin production, then top back up with water after chilling. Iíve been thinking about using that technique in an English Barleywine for awhile.
04/05/11 02:52 PM  
Re: Thomas Hardy & lager yeast
Thanks Mike. I had a similar thought. Friends have had good results with Wee Heavies by drawing off a small amount of wort (a gallon or less) and boiling it down to a thicker reduction separately, then adding it back into the boil for similar melanoidin production.
Mike T
04/06/11 01:23 PM  
Re: Thomas Hardy & lager yeast
I recently did that for a stout and enjoyed the results, I think the longer boil is just more practical on a larger scale. Just watch to make sure it doesnít scorch when it gets really thick.
04/06/11 02:54 PM  
Re: Thomas Hardy & lager yeast
Yikes, yeah! I've gotten practice with that between decoctions and making homemade dark candi sugar, so shouldn't be a problem.
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