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03/31/11 01:21 AM  
Al's Flemish Yeast
Has anybody tried Al's Flemish yeast strain ECY02? If so, what styles have you used it with? Is it good with high alcohol? I was thinking of using it with a Flanders Red and maybe something crazy.
03/31/11 07:08 AM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
I can't speak to ECY02, but I will say I used one of Al's early works in that area. I was using the WYeast Roselare blend and passed off the cake to him. He put it under the scope, did a balancing act with the components, worked it up and said try again. The first beer I made (pre-Al) came out tasting like an abbey single. Actually nice but not the target. When I got the yeast back I made two stronger (7-8%) amber beers, they basically became La Folie over just a couple months.

That was from Al's first exploration in the area. Before he was in a position to offer yeast commercially he was running circles around WYeast in the area of Flander's Red.

03/31/11 01:39 PM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
I have some in the mail being delivered today actually.

I was thinking of making something along the lines of a Supplication clone, or a half ass attempt at it at least, but have not set anything in stone or got my grains yet.

Would be cursious to on other peoples experience with it

04/01/11 03:42 PM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
I got some awhile back and haven't used it yet. At this point I feel like I need a starter, but wasn't sure how a stirplate would affect things like pedio from pulling in lots of O2. Maybe pitch half the vial into a stirplate starter, and pitch the other half into a non-stirplate starter?
Al B
04/01/11 08:34 PM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast

Yes, do use half for propagation, saving the other half for secondary. I still have the FR on tap, Steve!!! Dry, Sour, Fruity, some pie-cherry-tone qualities.

The base yeast is Fruity Belgian isolate with a B. lambicus/Dekkera brux. strain known to produce citric acid (very familiar to WY B. lamb.). In addition,the blend comprises of bretts & Pedio from unfiltered, unpasteurized Rodenbach foederbier and a dash of Lactobacillus.

Flemish Red is probably my most revered style of brew. Blending is best, but I feel this blend will not fail to please.


04/02/11 04:21 AM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast

With the half I save for the secondary, should I pitch it into a little non-aerated starter and let it grow in there, or just pitch the 1/2 vial directly to secondary? Thanks!

Al B
04/04/11 11:15 AM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
Its probably not that old for secondary pitch, probably ok either way.
04/04/11 11:23 AM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
<<I still have the FR on tap, Steve!!!>>

Man, that would never have been the case before I was running the Observatory! This might be my last year, but it could be I'll need to do it through 2012. Think the keg can wait?!?

BTW, still picking away at the wet hop keg...

04/06/11 11:16 AM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
Probably going to brew up a Flanders Red this weekend using the ECY02.

So Al, you're saying to grow up half of the vial in a starter, pitch into well oxygenated wort, then use the second half in a secondary vessel once the oxygen supply has been depleted? I'm assuming this has to do with the anaerobic growth of Pedio?

If I chose to pitch the entire vial (w/o a starter since you've stated that these are meant to be pitched directly into 5 gals.), would the difference be a less sour beer for the first time around? Or something else?

What kind of recipes are you guys trying out with this one? Thinking I may go with either the Jamil Flanders Red or a Flanders Red from Wild Brews.

04/06/11 12:08 PM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
I am doing Jamil's with a few tweaks to it.

I planned on adding it all right to primary, but am now interested on the question you brought up

04/06/11 02:53 PM  
Re: Al's Flemish Yeast
I've done 2 so far, both with Bugfarm (3 & 4) before the Flemish was available. Both were using the Wild Brews grist.
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