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03/26/11 05:53 PM  
starch alcahol potential
hi all ,

long time lurker first time poster here. the other day i tryed to do my first sour mash and put simply i fucked up royaly. situation so far is that i mashed my grist for a berlinner at 35c BEFORE my sach rest.thought id read enough but obviosly did not. needless to say the next day when i tried to do a sach rest i got no conversion due to the ph so low. i did another mash and got full conversion and poured the original mash in hoping for some conversion but judging by the cloudines of the wort i think it still did bugger all. i boiled the resulting wort till it hit my normal finishing volume and hopped at 15 mins to about 6 ibu. now what im planning to do is use it as an experimental brew and put it into several 5 litre carboys with various strains of brett and bugs. but while i know the bugs will eat the starch and the brett is a possibility for it i have no idea what sort of alcohol this will result in or how to test for it. for the record i will be using brett b in one carboy, roselare in another and a starter i bred up from a bottle of consecration in one as well.the fourth carboy i might just ferment with uso5 as a control.i have no idea on sg atm untill i open the cube but am expecting 1036 or so. any thoughts or opinions on this endeaver will be greatly apreciated.

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