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03/25/11 04:37 PM  
Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I brewed 10 gallons of saison recently. I split it and fermented half with wlp 565 and the other with wyeast 3711 to see the differences in the yeasts. Got great attentuation with both however 3711 is a monster at 1.002! 565 @ 1.006 last I checked.

I have bottled the 3711 half and it is doing great. I have not had time to do the 565 half yet. Since I want the overall conditions the same for the sake of comparison I want to have at least some of the 565 bottle conditioned, however I am also suddenly wanting some saison on tap!

What would be the best way to accomplish both? Should I bottle some and prime each bottle with a sugar/water solution dosing with a syringe (any tips on that?) or should I add priming sugar to the whole keg and then bottle from the keg once it is carbed? Or some other way? Open to suggestions. Thanks.

03/25/11 09:58 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I keep carb drops on hand for just this situation.
03/26/11 02:54 AM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
[smellysell said = "I keep carb drops on hand for just this situation."]

I've heard that these aren't very consistent with regards to carbonation, but I haven't tried them yet. Have you had good results with them?

03/26/11 08:30 AM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
If you want to compare I would do it the same way you did the 3711, however that was done. You could also bottle half the batch and keg half...just flush the keg with some C02 to keep the oxygen down once you have racked to it.

On a side note I just got some 3711 to try...I have only used the other saisons yeast before and while it is certainly tasty it can be a pain to work with.

I'm also a big fan of bottling half my saisons batch and then pitching some Brett in the second half.

Have fun

03/26/11 02:36 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I guess that was what I was asking about. What would be the recommended way of bottling half and kegging the other half? Prime the keg with sugar, or prime the bottles?
03/26/11 04:47 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
@DaveB - Dave, I just did the same thing with a batch of Trappist Ale. I bottled 36 bottles and put the rest of my 5 gal. batch in a 3 gal. Corny keg. That was two days ago. I am enjoying some of the kegged beer right now (Saturday). I think this is a good way to go, although I do think the bottle conditioned beer will taste better after it has sat for a couple of weeks. I added some corn sugar to the whole 5 gal. batch just as if I was going to bottle the lot. You can't really taste the sugar in the kegged portion. Cheers! - Sidney
03/26/11 08:35 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
Yeah, I've been happy with the results I've gotten from the carb drops.
03/27/11 01:54 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
carb drops would be convenient and I will think about having some on hand in the future. I can't get them locally and I have been long overdue in dealing with this beer so I do not want to wait for ordering. Next time...

Sidney, did you also force carb the keg since it was only 2 days ago? Are you bleeding pressure as needed since the beer in the keg is also primed? I often wish I had a 3 gallon cornie. just can't bring myself to pay the price for one though... Maybe someday.

Couldn't resist and I tried a bottle of the 3711 batch, only been in the bottle a week. It is tasting awesome and it isn't even to its prime yet! yum.

03/28/11 04:04 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I've not done this (yet), but I would suspect that the easiest way would be to put your priming solution into a keg, and rack on top of it. Purge the keg really well, the shake well, and fill the bottles off the keg. Then just let the keg naturally carbonate the rest of the way. Could probably do it in a bottling bucket too.
tom sawyer
03/28/11 04:36 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
What is so difficult about racking your gallon or two into a bucket and weighing out the right amount of sugar for that amount, adding it and then bottling from the bucket?
Rob B
03/28/11 10:16 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I am with tom...bottle 2 or 3 gals with the right amount of priming sugar and keg the rest!
03/29/11 09:50 AM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
FWIW, i've used the munton's carb tabs twice with success. both were batches where I only had about 3-4 gallons to bottle.
03/29/11 12:38 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
@Tom sawyer: Nothing difficult about it really. Except I no longer own a bottling bucket... My normal bottle conditioning routine is actually what tankdeer mentioned. Except I am bottling the whole batch. I like doing it that way because then you can purge the keg and mix the sugar solution really well and fill without introducing more oxygen. I have tried to eliminate as much plastic in the brewhouse as I can. Thus, no more bottling bucket. I mean, I do have one, it just has been relegated to water collecting/storage. Too old and scratched.

Anyway, I suppose I can find a graduated vessel of some sort or another for the purpose.

tom sawyer
03/29/11 02:41 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I've also made a fairly concentrated solution of sugar water that is calculated to deliver the right amount of priming sugar to each bottle in a 2ml volume, so that I can dispense it with a plastic pipette. I did this as a remedy for a couple of undercarbonated brews.

If you have an accurate scale for small measurements, you could just measure out the roughly two grams of sugar per 12oz bottle.

03/29/11 05:47 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
Dave, I think I'm not understanding your issue then. If you already do what I mentioned above, why not just do that here? But instead of bottling the whole thing, just bottle what you want and leave the rest in the keg, and let it carb in there.
03/29/11 09:09 PM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
Since I usually keg with less priming sugar than when I bottle, I'll measure up the necessary sugar per bottle and add it to each bottle. I find 1/2-3/4 tsp per 12 oz bottle works for most beers. For more highly carbonated beers I usually use 1 tsp. I've also made syrups and added brett to does individual bottles.
03/30/11 09:40 AM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
I am going to bottle a beer today that is partially carbonated in the keg. I need to add about 1 volume of co2 to finish it off, so I calculated the amount of sugar per bottle needed, and will make the solution to facilitate individual dosing. I will need about 18ml per 750ml bottle. I am going to use my children's tylenol dispenser.

This site http://kotmf.com/tools/prime.php was pretty helpful in figuring out what I needed to do.

By the way, I borrowed a winemaker friend's corker, so I will be experimenting with Belgian cork and cage for the first time too.

03/31/11 09:22 AM  
Re: Bottle conditioning a portion of a batch
Well, it is now a moot point.

Now matter how I do it a new variable has arisen that will make the beers very different. Infection. Hopefully it is merely a brett. cross contamination. There was a hazy film beginning to form on the surface of the beer... pellicle hopefully?! I had taken the airlock off and put a piece of aluminum foil over the mouth of the carboy uh, back when I bottled the first half a little over a week ago. Which should be okay, but I also had some wild experiments sitting around it not very well contained. Some of which had some sort of unkown brett in them inoculated from heather blossoms. Plus it has been sitting almost 6 weeks on the yeast. doh. 4 weeks is the longest I usually sit on an ale.

I think I may just let it carbonate in the keg as it is primed. kind of don;t want to "waste" time bottling if I am unsure of it's future!

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