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03/23/11 07:06 PM  
100% Brett-Farmhouse inspired ale with ECY Bugblen
The plan for my 1st 100% Brett ale.

I've got a one quart starter going as I type. Plan is to step it up once or twice as the vial is now nearly four months old. Recipe I mocked up looks thusly....((( this is a PM as I'm still mulling over the retooling of my failed AG system))),.....

extract portion-

2#'s - Golden Light DME @ 20%

1#8oz's - Munich Malt LME @ 15%

Mini-mash portion...

2#'s Six Row @ 20% ( to ensure conversion of adjuncts )

1# Flaked Oats @ 10% ( pre-gelatinized)

1# Flaked Wheat @ 10% ( pre- gelatinized)

1# Torrified Wheat @ 10%

8oz's of Acidulated malt @ 5% ( to help lower the ph for the brett)

also was thinking of adding 14oz's of table sugar @ 10 mins for fermentability.

as for hopping....60 min boil...

FWH - .25oz's of Northern Brewer @8 ibu's in mini-mash.

60mins 1oz of Kent Goldings

15mins .50oz's of KG's

5mins .50oz's of KG's

Flameout 1oz of Saaz

at an OG of 1.063 this should give an IBU of roughly 24.

2tablespoons of Yeast nutrient @ 15mins is the only extra I've contemplated.

I was thinking of pitching the entirety of the stepped up starter into the cooled wort @ 73 degrees and fermenting at about that temperature for the duration of primary.

Beyond that the plan is just to let flavor dictate the appropriate time to bottle.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

03/23/11 07:07 PM  
that was supposed to say ECY Bugblend #9. Frig it.
Al B
04/01/11 08:43 PM  
Re: 100% Brett-Farmhouse inspired ale with ECY Bug
I think it is ECY05 - Brett blend #9

Two Bretts in this blend. Excellent choice for an all brett beer IMO. Did not "run away" with the brew when I did one, creating a lightly acidic, goaty farm brew - not to thin after aging.

Al Brett

04/02/11 11:05 AM  
Re: 100% Brett-Farmhouse inspired ale with ECY Bug
hey Al. I wound up making some considerable changes to this ale. Long story short; I switched to all grain, put just about every adjunct under the sun into it, ( amaranth, buckwheat, spelt all in small amounts though), rye, wheat. Truly a kitchen sink beer. I also decided to added the 3724, not sure why, just felt as I was going all out on grains.... why not? It fermented out to 1.003 in under three days @88f. My one concern is whether or not that is too high of a temp for the brett. As in, will it send the aromas and flavors too far over the top. I guess I will soon see.
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