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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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03/13/11 04:44 PM  
CL 300
Guy in my club found a 5+ year old slant in the back of his fridge and on a whim we threw it in a starter, and amazingly it took off.

So the question is, has anybody ever used this for a saison?

03/13/11 10:41 PM  
Re: CL 300
That's not really a saison yeast is it? Will it attenuate enough?
Brian S
03/14/11 03:28 PM  
Re: CL 300
I have a good slant of this at home, as well as the Brewtek 320, 340, and Saison strains that I've been meaning to do a side by side with. Maybe now is the time.
tom sawyer
03/14/11 04:38 PM  
Re: CL 300
That is amazing that it was still viable after all that time.
03/15/11 12:21 AM  
Re: CL 300
Yeah, couldn't believe there was still anything alive in there. It's not a saison yeast, but we figured we'd give it a go anyways just to see how it comes out. Going to do a dubbel with the yeast cake.

Brian > Any chance you want to swap some slants? I'd love the brewtek saison strain in particular.

Brian S
03/15/11 11:56 AM  
Re: CL 300
Email me: shaffebc@gmail.com

I'd be happy to send it out to you before it gets too warm.

03/17/11 10:15 PM  
Re: CL 300
ummm... what is this yeast?
Al B
04/01/11 08:50 PM  
Re: CL 300

I am currently packaging CL320 as ECY13 Trappist ale.

Also CL380 in ECY08 saison blend. CL300 is the other strain described in "Brew like a Monk" rated high in sensory tests.

If your brewing experiences are good with CL300, I would be interested in trading yeast for it and making it available for others.


04/02/11 12:12 AM  
Re: CL 300
My saison I made with it is waiting for a tap to open up and I'll let you know. I did a saison with it, so we'll see how it is making a style it doesn't seem like it was intended for. I still need to send you something for the bugfarm you sent me anyways Al, so I'll keep you posted.

Brian > I got the slants, thanks! Any tips on making blank slants that don't have a bunch of condensation in them?

Brian S
04/02/11 12:47 PM  
Re: CL 300
Al: I can send you a slant of 300 as well if you want, email is above.

SS: sorry, those were a little wet. I opened them cold and they must have picked up condensation. after I pour them and they set I leave them

in a 37 deg incubator upside down for about an hour. When they age they will dehydrate some, so you may need to repeat before use. You could probably do the same at home at room temp, maybe upside down on a paper towel. Then let them come to room temp before opening!

04/02/11 07:49 PM  
Re: CL 300
so is this a saison yeast?


Al, do you have any 3726? i emailed wyeast about it and they said it will be a special release but not until like december or something ridiculous.

04/03/11 05:34 PM  
Re: CL 300
danger > No, it isn't a saison yeast, but I figured what the hell. Will be using the cake for a dubbel soon.

Brian > Yours weren't wet, they were perfect. Mine always have a ton of condensation in them.

Al B
08/08/11 09:25 PM  
Re: CL 300
So how did the CL 300 fare?

I'm putting a shout out for any and all Brewtek strains for trade, yeast, bugs, cash, barter,etc etc.

I currently have 320, 380, and 200.

Al B culture

08/08/11 10:54 PM  
Re: CL 300
Funny this should get bumped today as I just got done racking a batch of dubbel I made from the "saison" yeast cake into a keg to condition. The "saison" was good, but not at all like a saison. The dubbel is going to be really good when it's done conditioning.

I can send you 300, 380, 930, and 340. I still owe you for Bugfarm III, so just send me your address at smellysell@thebeerspot.com and I'll get these in the mail to you.

Al B
08/09/11 07:14 AM  
Re: CL 300
OK! (I have 380 BTW).

Thanks a bunch. By the way, the Trappist I'm selling is 320. Kane Brewing in NJ just used and they really like it.


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