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02/25/11 10:10 AM  
Forgot to add Orange Peel
I cannot believe it, but I forgot to add orange peel to my wit. How many wits have a brewed, sweet lord how could I forget and to make matters worse I only remembered that I forgot today, two days post brew. I added coriander, ginger root, black pepper at flame out and let it steep for about 2o minutes before chilling. But I forgot the orange peel, duh. I was thinking boiling up some orange peel with some water and dumping it into the primary, would this work? Normally I would add it at the secondary stage but I don't use a secondary with my wits, straight from the primary to the keg
Mike T
02/25/11 04:30 PM  
Re: Forgot to add Orange Peel
Should be fine, boil/steep/strain and add the liquid to taste at kegging.

A few friends and I brewed a dark saison a few years ago and didn't realize that we forgot the orange peel until we found it while cleaning up.

tom sawyer
02/28/11 09:21 AM  
Re: Forgot to add Orange Peel
I routinely "dry hop" with orange peel, so you can do that or your plan of a brief boil would be fine as well.
02/28/11 06:46 PM  
Re: Forgot to add Orange Peel
I decided to grate and boil the orange peel to sanitize, I them dropped it into the primary after High Krausen had passed, I don't really want that in the keg. I once dry hopped with whole hop flowers in the keg and ended up having to disassemble to outflow poppit to clear the blockages, again and again and again
tom sawyer
03/01/11 09:06 AM  
Re: Forgot to add Orange Peel
I use a hop sock in the keg. But your method sounds like a winner.
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