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02/22/11 03:43 PM  
Strange viscosity after culturing dregs
I have in the past enjoyed what I thought was a "lactic twang" in Brouwerij 't Gaverhopke's Extra (aka Den Twaalf). I had assumed it resulted from either a sour mash or intentional lactobacillus infection. For fun, I grew up the dregs from one bottle in 250 ml of extra wort from a previous made batch of ~5% ABV beer. After 2 1/2 weeks of no obvious activity, I went to pour out the starter. Upon pouring it out, I noticed a nice herbal, grassy smell (not simply hops). However, it was also extremely viscous. It was like pouring glycerine. Because I live on the edge, I tasted it small bit. Despite the viscosity, it tasted fairly nice albeit clearly not fully fermented. So, I went ahead and inoculated a new starter with some of the infected wort. Any ideas as to what I'm growing up here? And what's the likelihood that the viscosity will eventually clear and fully ferment the wort?
tom sawyer
02/22/11 04:01 PM  
Re: Strange viscosity after culturing dregs
I know pediococcus can be "ropy", maybe it was what was making the stuff viscous. It should drop out eventually.
02/22/11 04:04 PM  
Re: Strange viscosity after culturing dregs
I considered that, but if it was pediococcus, shouldn't I expect a low pH? Thus far, I can detect no obvious acidity. Or does pediococcus develop a biofilm prior to development of acidity?
02/22/11 06:58 PM  
Re: Strange viscosity after culturing dregs
i've gotten that when building up dregs too. i assumed it was pedio.
02/23/11 11:13 AM  
Re: Strange viscosity after culturing dregs
I'm going to guess Pedio too. It seems entirely possible that it's developed the viscosity prior to any noticeable acidity.
02/23/11 01:20 PM  
Re: Strange viscosity after culturing dregs
I'll jump on the bandwagon and agree as well. I've had pedio get viscous like the in the carboy before.
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