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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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tom sawyer
02/20/11 10:32 PM  
Modest Contest Success
I entered a kriek and a Flanders red in a homebrwers contest recently and the former got honorable mention while the latter got a second place in teh sour beer category. This was out of 20+ entries I believe. I personally thought the kriek was head and shoulders above the Flanders red but go figure. The kriek was nearly two years and I used sour cherries from my own tree. The Flanders is the first 3gal pull out of an 11gal barrel that I am refilling each time, it is really a young thing and needs more time in bottle. I used Wyeast lambic blend on the kriek, and Roeselare for the Flanders. Both got dregs from some nice Belgian sours as a booster. They both had a nice sour bite.
02/21/11 02:59 AM  
Re: Modest Contest Success
where'd you get the 11g barrel?
02/21/11 08:41 AM  
Re: Modest Contest Success

Congrats Tom!

tom sawyer
02/21/11 10:37 AM  
Re: Modest Contest Success

The barrel is from Vadai World Trade Enterprises. They have about the cheapest barrels you can find, Hungarian oak and well made. Lots of sizes, and Sandor Vadai and his family are nice people to deal with. I had used this barrel for a red Zinfandel wine first, then switched it to the beer. I have four of their barrels, two 6gal and two 11gal.

Forgot to mention that I was beaten by a lambic which also took Best of Show beer with wheat which was the theme of the contest.

tom sawyer
02/22/11 12:19 PM  
Re: Modest Contest Success
Even more modest than I realized. There were ten entries. The lambic that won scored a 47! Go lambic!
02/23/11 11:11 AM  
Re: Modest Contest Success
Ha ha, talk about a small comp. But damn, 47 - good job. And not to diminish your accomplishment, but do you know anything about the caliber of the judges?
tom sawyer
02/23/11 04:26 PM  
Re: Modest Contest Success
The contest was the KC Biermeisters annual contest, there were somthing like 425 beers entered in all.

There was one national ranked judge on the sours panel, I think the rest were certified or recognized but there were only four so I'm not positive. I was reminded that the lambic might not have scored the 47 since there were two sets of judges and the mini-BOS for the category happened amongst the top beers from each set of judges. Maybe I got the 47! I wouldn't give my beers a 47, in fact I think the best score I gave out was a 42. I judged porters, Irish/Scottish ales and Belgian/French ales.

Next time I'm not entering any category that I might want to judge.

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