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02/11/11 07:24 PM  
Brett Conditioned Saison
Brewed up a Saison with AlB's Farmhouse w/Brett blend a little over a month ago. I'm just curious to get a few opinions on aging in relation to brett character. If fully attenuated, is there much point to bulk aging a Saison? Would priming with dextrose and a healthy bottle conditioning help bring out the character better?
02/11/11 08:23 PM  
Re: Brett Conditioned Saison
When you say "fully" attenuated, what is your SG currently at? What was your OG, and what for grains and mash temp?

You could age beers in kegs, carboy, or bottles. I have always preferred kegs, but the others are more than sufficient as well.

02/12/11 12:21 AM  
Re: Brett Conditioned Saison
I've bottled mine already, FG 1.004. I don't get much of the typical barnyard brett character, very fruity and tart.
02/12/11 02:37 AM  
Re: Brett Conditioned Saison
I did a saison and added Brett at bottling. 3 months later was my first taste and I get a nice Brett character in the beer. I bottled some without the Brett and it's interesting tasting the same beers side by side.

I've heard of guys warm aging freshly bottled Brett beers to try and bring out the character. For me part of what's cool is being able to taste a bottle here and a bottle there and see how it transforms.

02/12/11 07:47 PM  
Re: Brett Conditioned Saison
I suppose I could have elaborated a bit further in my original post. my og was 1.55... plan to check the sg in the next day or so. this was an extract brew ( pils dme, Munich lme, 6oz's of dextrose, 6oz's of honey at flameout, cardomom, bitter and sweet orange and a pinch of coriander)., .75oz's of warrior for bittering and 1oz of Styrian goldings at 10min and 1oz of styrians at flameout. I realize this isn't exactly a " traditional" saison , but I wanted to try something different. if my og is nice and dry, I think I'll try my luck at bottle conditioning these for 2-3 months.
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