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02/11/11 02:28 AM  
WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
I bought a vial of WLP630 Berliner Weisse Blend and was originally thinking about making a Berliner Weisse, but realized that it might work for a gose. Has anyone tried this? Does it seem like a bad idea? Thanks for your help.


02/11/11 04:55 AM  
Re: WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
Never tried WLP630 but I think it is a good idea.

I feel that BW and Gose are well related.

Mike T
02/11/11 09:17 AM  
Re: WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
I was surprised to see that White Labs says it contains a Hefe strain. I think of both of those styles as having a cleaner yeast character. I used US-05 for the Gose a brewed a couple months ago.
02/11/11 03:11 PM  
Re: WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
Mike I agree with you about the cleaner profile. I made a batch of Berliner last spring using US-05 and Lacto. I then made a gose that I racked onto the dregs of the of the Berliner. They both turned out great.

I grew my lacto by using fresh apple juice as the growth medium and let the starter sit in my warming oven for 2 weeks. I pitched the lacto added some heat and then cooled and added the US-05. Just make sure you decant off the apple juice or you will get some malic acid flavors.

02/11/11 10:12 PM  
Re: WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
Thanks for the advice, guys. Maybe I will try to do the Gose with WLP630 but keep fermentation temp on the low side for the first 2-3 days to go for a clean flavor profile.


03/22/12 03:19 PM  
Re: WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
so has anyone tried this? I can't see it NOT working in a Gose, if it works for Berliners. I'm wondering about aeration though with this. It would seem to me that a gose would benefit from a full hour boil as opposed to the no-boil berliners.
03/24/12 06:55 PM  
Re: WLP630 Berliner - Gose?
When using any lactobacillus I would avoid aerating the wort as this can be detrimental to the growth of lacto populations. Some will survive the aeration, but you will have better success not introducing any oxygen after chilling your wort to the desired temperature. This will also slow down the reproduction of the saccharomyces present in the blend which will give the lacto a fighting chance to try to sour your beer a bit.
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