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02/03/11 08:13 PM  
Barrel size and aging.
So i have a 15 gallon batch of Lambic sitting in a used wine barrel at the moment and 1 more barrel coming in the mail.

I understand you get more o2 in smaller barrels. But how much is too much?

Someone was telling me to not age my lambic for a long period in the small barrel and rack it to glass.


02/05/11 11:44 AM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
Wild Brews states that a 10.6 gallon barrel diffuses 23 cc/L/year of O2. Compare that to 8.5 for an 80 gallon wine barrel. Glass carboys with a wood stopper is 0.10. I'm just starting out with the wild things so I can't say much from personal experience so I would do some math to figure out how much O2 to let get to the beer before racking to a carboy.
02/06/11 08:03 AM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
You might try this site where most of the data was generated.


02/06/11 03:02 PM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
I have a friend with several 10 gallon barrels which he uses for Flanders and Lambic styles. The Flanders barrels are used in a Solera fashion. Over time he finds the pedio begins to dominate, which surprised me - I figured this would have favored brett. The Lambic was bulked aged for nearly three years. Acetic acid was low, much much lower than my attempts using plastic buckets. In fact his Lambic is the best homebrewed example I've tried. From my experience tasting his beers, I'd say a 10 gallon barrel is perfectly acceptable for home Lambic style production.
02/06/11 04:15 PM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
How warm did your friend keep the 10 gallon barrel? Would be good for future reference.
02/07/11 09:12 PM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
I'll check. He keeps them in his basement which I'd guess is 65-70F. He has a couple blog posts on the Morebeer Buzz network. Look for KarlH.
02/08/11 06:24 AM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
Very nice.

KarlH http://morebeer.ning.com/profiles/blogs/whats-going-on-with-those

02/08/11 09:04 PM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.
Here was Karl's reply on the blog linked above:

<<In the winter it gets down closer to 60-62, and in the summer not usually above 70F. Two summers ago the AC was out at our house and I suspect it got somewhat warmer... my lambic actually got "sick", and took on a bit of a snotty viscosity. I am guessing temps were warmer and led to the changes in the barrel.>>

02/09/11 05:17 AM  
Re: Barrel size and aging.

I guessed as much since my 50 gallon of Brown Ale is going to swing in temperature like Karl's.

No Pedio was added just Brett and Lacto but there might be some Pedio anyway since it was a used barrel.

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