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Brian S
01/31/11 12:35 PM  
565 temps
This may be on the board before, but what is everyone doing with WLP565 in terms of fermentation temperature for Saison's with bigger OGs?
01/31/11 02:33 PM  
Re: 565 temps
Cant' speak for 565 but when I brew my high gravity saisons I use WY 3724 (dupont strain). I typically aim to keep the fermentation at 68 degrees for the first 48 hrs to keep esters and fusel alchohol production under control. Then I will ramp the temps up over the course of a few days until I hit 80-90 degrees until the beer attenuates fully. This has taken me 5 wks before with this strain, but was well worth the wait.
01/31/11 04:09 PM  
Re: 565 temps
I've had a fair amount of experience with this strain. The only way I've been able to get it to attenuate well, in a reasonable amount of time is to gradually increase temps slowly. I typically start at ~68 F and increase 1 F/day into the mid to upper 80's. It seems like as soon as temps stop increasing, the yeast will quit.
02/01/11 01:26 AM  
Re: 565 temps
Somewhere on here I read to start it at 90 and keep it there the whole time. I was a little scared the first time I did it, but have had great results repeatedly this way, no fusels at all. Not sure about doing this with a high OG though, as all of mine have been in the 50s.
02/01/11 09:16 AM  
Re: 565 temps
I used this strain once for my most recent Saison (OG ~1.070). Started at ~70 for 2 days, then to ~85 over 2 days. It was at 1.008 in under 3 weeks and was my best Saison to date. [Knock on wood.]
Brian S
02/01/11 11:45 AM  
Re: 565 temps
I'm doing my second batch with the 565. I used the 568 last summer with a 1.072 beer the way that smellysell does it. After carbonating that beer, it tasted like medicine it was so phenolic, but after 4 months or so I really enjoyed that beer.

I'm trying to run the 565 like brewinhard, but the problem I have with this yeast is that it heats itself up to 76-78 in the first 48 hours. I'm reluctant to chill it, so I've just been going with it, and heating to 82-84 after high krausen. The first generation with this yeast was not too phenolic going into secondary, so I'm optimistic. Its interesting the different strategies with this yeast. I appreciate everyone's thoughts.

07/29/11 03:12 PM  
Re: 565 temps
(This seems to be the newest thread on WLP565...)

Warm weather dictates it's that time of year where I torture myself by brewing with WLP565. This year I took a different approach and used only tap water to cool the wort. I brewed two low gravity batches (SG 1040 and 1042) and pitched in the high 70's. I placed both buckets in the furnace closet. Both had a yeast head forming within a few hours of pitching and after that I ignored them for a couple of weeks. I'd estimate beer temp got up to the low to mid 80's during the most vigorous part of the fermentation cycle due to the ambient temperature of the house.

Interestingly, as of last night (day 16), both batches still had a thin yeast head covering the surface of the beer. Doesn't look dusty and Brett-like. Beer is crystal clear. Attenuation for one is 80% and 85% for the other. For those that have gotten good results with this strain, is that pretty decent?

I played around with a few different ingredients and mash profiles. What I found most interesting is that the one where the mash rested at 115 degrees has a noticeable clove character just like a good hefeweizen. Very interesting.

I'm hoping both batches drop a couple more points but since I'm kegging that can happen while it's carbonating/conditioning for the next 3-4 weeks.

Anyway, just wanted to pass along these bits of information.

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