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Mike H
01/18/11 05:20 PM  
Bon Chien Dregs?
Has anyone used Bon Chien dregs to sour and funkify one of their beers?

I'm doing a vertical tasting with some friends and I think it would be fun to save the dregs from the bottles to do something along the lines of a Flanders red

01/19/11 12:43 AM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
I have, but only in conjunction with other dregs.... so, not sure how they effected the beer.
Mike T
01/19/11 09:06 AM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
With the high ABV the odds of having viable dregs are low, especially on the aged bottles (one of my favorite beers though, so certainly worth a try).
Mike H
01/19/11 11:55 AM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
Good point about the high ABV. Maybe I'll try to do a starter with the dregs to see if any of the bugs survived
06/30/11 03:03 AM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
I though I'd bump this.

I've used them as a blend with RR and JP. Dregs, not cultured. I have something going on in a starter from a 2009 I pitched 3 weeks ago and a fresh 2010 I just bought tonight and intend to have on fresh wort in a few days.

One thing about BFM L'Abbaye de St. Bon-Chien. The 2006 is probably my second favorite beer of all time. I think the alcohol flavors from the barrels are a huge contributor to the flavor profile. So, if you're trying to clone make sure you use some previously used oak cubes/chips and soak in the appropriate boozes as well as adding the proper mix of appropriate bugs. Maybe start fermentation with a Brett, wait for it to begin and add your bugs, then add a little fresh Brett that has recently fermented as the alcohol gets over 8ish %. Easier said than done, but a brilliant beverage.

07/02/11 10:19 PM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
I added some dregs to a bottle at bottling time, the bottle sat for 9-11 months. It was an experiment and it actually came out quite well. The dregs are viable.
07/06/11 08:38 PM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
How fresh were your dregs? The alcohol definitely has to do damage over time, especially the non-Brett strains.
07/26/11 10:41 AM  
Re: Bon Chien Dregs?
What would be a reasonable recipe for this beer?
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