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01/18/11 04:38 PM  
advice on roselare pitching rates
Our club has a 250L barrel into which we are placing a sort of strong flanders / belgian darkish brew member have brewed which we plan to sour. The beer is around 10% ABV.

The plan is to pitch Roselare into the barrel and age it for at least a year but the question was raised last night, how many packets of Wyeast Roselare (whatever number that is)? Someone suggested 1 pack per 2 corny kegs but I wondered whether you could get away with even less?

01/18/11 07:15 PM  
Re: advice on roselare pitching rates
I would pitch one pack/5 gallons. But that is just me. I also think you might have some issues with souring that strong of a beer. At 10% ABV, the wimpy lacto and pedio that is in the WY Roselare blend will most likely not survive the high alcohol and therefore not sour your beer. My suggestion would be to pitch the Roselare along with some dregs of some serious commercial lambics/gueuze or wild ales to help boost the complexity and increase the sourness.

You could also purchase some Bugfarm from eastcoast yeast which is much more hardy and tolerant and will have more of a chance at souring that strong of a beer than WY Roselare would. Just my 2 cents.... Good luck!

01/18/11 11:33 PM  
Re: advice on roselare pitching rates
I soured a 14% abv strong dark using oak chips that I inoculated with the dregs from Jolly Pumpkin beers. It produced plenty of acidity, and with age it developed the deep dark fruit and pie cherry flavors that I associate with flanders reds.
01/19/11 01:29 AM  
Re: advice on roselare pitching rates
I didn't mention my location, which is Brisbane, Australia, so I'm kind of limited in what yeasts I can get, plus the wyeast will be supplied by our president/homebrew supplier at cost, so that means Wyeast.

We could get some lambic/wild ale commercial dregs relatively easily though, so that is an option too

01/19/11 07:58 PM  
Re: advice on roselare pitching rates

i have noticed that the dregs from JP bottles seem to be fairly hearty and are quite capable of souring even a high ABV% beer given time and patience. It must be due to the fact that even Jolly Pumpkin brews some strong end beers which they are capable of souring (blending as well) up. The selective pressure of their bacteria and brett in their barrels must be quite alcohol tolerant.

01/19/11 08:23 PM  
Re: advice on roselare pitching rates
Their hardiness is typical of all Michiganders, including the very small ones ;)
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