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01/17/11 12:39 PM  
FG using a turbid mash and Bugfarm IV
Just racked my first true turbid mash lambic into secondary glass for aging today and was a bit surprised. The taste and aroma were already well on its way to being nicely sour, funky, and tart. I was a little concerned with the SG at racking though. The beer finished at 1.008! I know those saison blends that Al put in to the bugfarm are quite attenuative, but I was hoping for a higher FG than that from the turbid mash.

Anyone else have any experience with this using a turbid mash and bugfarm IV with FG's at racking time? What have been some of your racking FG (if you did rack even...) after doing a turbid mash? I thought that 1.008 was too low for a long term aging lambic so I added back .5# maltodextrin for the bugs to slowly consume. Maybe I just did a crappy turbid mash and did it incorrectly, and maybe the Bugfarm IV blend is highly attentuative. I just never had such a low FG on an aging sour. Any thoughts?

Al B
01/18/11 11:28 AM  
Re: FG using a turbid mash and Bugfarm IV
I don't think starch is measured gravity wise, so if you performed the first step of a turbid mash and held it at 190F, then you should have plenty of starch for long term (which is much more complex to break down than dextrin).

Al Brux

01/18/11 07:11 PM  
Re: FG using a turbid mash and Bugfarm IV
Ahhhh...that is interesting. I just always thought that both starches and sugars would factor in to the specific gravity of a wort as they are any residuals left behind.

Al, have you ever taken a gravity reading after a primary doing a turbid mash with your wild ones, and if so, do you remember what the gravity was? I know most leave lambics in primary for the duration, as have I with my others, but I wanted to reuse your bugfarm and had to rack to secondary.

Al B
01/19/11 01:58 PM  
Re: FG using a turbid mash and Bugfarm IV
I might have....I don't recall right now. I'm not sure on the starch vs gravity..... just a thought.
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