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01/06/11 09:23 PM  
Mold on my krausen
I brewed a 100% brett c beer last week. I didn't make a starter or aerate (I know, I know...but I wanted to stress the yeast) and it took about 6 days to show any real signs of fermentation. Last time I made a 100% brett beer it took 3 days to start. We had unseasonably cold temps in San Diego, so I after 3 days I gave it a heating belt and the beer started to ferment. I went out tonight and there are about 10 small (smaller than a pencil eraser) mold colonies growing on top of the krausen. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of the mold or what I can do to save this beer?


01/06/11 10:58 PM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
Hi! I have gotten mold on my beers early in fermentation twice now. If you have a long-handled spoon or a scoop that you could scrub and sanitize, you can scoop it out. I had nothing handy that fit down the neck of the carboy I was fermenting in.

Both times I fashioned a sort of a ladle or teeny scoop out of a length of copper wire. The scoop part was made by winding one end tightly into a tiny flat coil, perfect for lifting the floating mold colony. Sanitized the wire (of course) after bending it just as I needed, and then just scooped out the visible mold. The beer was fine.

I do wonder how that mold got into your beer... Both of mine that had the issue were spontaneous wild fermentations. I figured mine had gotten it from the evening air when I innoculated it. Maybe it got in some other way after all!

01/07/11 09:33 AM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
Sanitize a turkey baster. You should be able to suck the colonies up with that.
Rob B
01/07/11 10:59 AM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
Are you sure it is mold and not pellicle formation? You mentioned you have done an all brett beer before so I guess you would recognize the pellicle.
01/07/11 12:30 PM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
Jeff is no stranger to wild beers. I trust that he knows what he is looking at.

That being said, you should just be able to scoop it out as everybody mentioned and be fine. Oh, and don't forget to send me a bottle. :)

01/08/11 01:21 AM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
Thanks for the vote of confidence that it is just silly mold. the colonies have not grown any larger and I will evacuate them this weekend.

I know these 100% brett beers are crazy, and take a while but mold was not expected. Definitely not a pellicle, interestingly enough my last 100% brett beer never formed a pellicle, even after 3-4 months in secondary. I think brett only fermentations behave much more like sacch. fermentations.

Tankdeer-Hopefully it will just be hitting its prime when your here for the NHC!

Rob B
01/08/11 11:58 AM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
Yeah, not trying to imply you don't know what you are looking at...don't know your brewing history. :-)

I have heard that some all-brett beers never form a pellicle, all of mine have but I have let them all sit at least 5-6 mos.

01/10/11 11:49 AM  
Re: Mold on my krausen
<<Tankdeer-Hopefully it will just be hitting its prime when your here for the NHC!>>

Looking forward to it.

<<I have heard that some all-brett beers never form a pellicle, all of mine have but I have let them all sit at least 5-6 mos.>>

Incidentally, I don't think any of my all brett beers have formed a pellicle. Given I've only done 3 or 4, but still.

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