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12/25/10 03:11 AM  
all-brett pitching for cider
I know we've discussed the all-brett cider thing before, but in looking back I didn't find much about pitching rate/starters.

For my all-brett beers I've had best luck building up a 1-2L starter of brett first. I've got some Brett-C that needs to get pitched before it gets way too old, and it seems as good a time as any to make a brett-c cider.

When doing a brett starter for cider, would I be best off using apple juice with some added nutrients, or some other plan? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

12/28/10 10:29 AM  
Re: all-brett pitching for cider
Hi Jaymo, I started an all-brett cider about 14 months ago. Still has a pellicle on top and is very thicky textured. To soon to say if it will ever work...
12/28/10 02:51 PM  
Re: all-brett pitching for cider
It was probably your mention of it 14 months ago that got me thinking about this. I only make 2-3 batches of cider a year though, so I hadn't gotten around to an all-brett version until now.

Did you make a starter, Steve?

12/28/10 03:28 PM  
Re: all-brett pitching for cider
Well...sorta. My first thought, ironically, with the batch was to try sulfiting to protect it from wild bacteria. A week or two passes, nothing. I was careful to stay with prescribed levels which are supposed to spare the yeast component, but regardless the treatment killed all life in the juice. Dammit. I did, however, have a 2nd or 3rd generation slurry of Brett A available though, so that went in. It seemed to ferment well, but its been in the "sick" stage for a while now.

I will say though that this was my second all-brett. My first was good for a while, but it got too bretty. For a while though it was quite the worth while drink. That one was Brett C, I'm sure it was a couple generations in.

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