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12/06/10 02:03 PM  
Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
HI all, first time poster here. I've been perusing this board for months now and finally felt the urge to jump the barrier from lurking to posting.

So here goes...

I live in Philly and occasionally have to go to scenic Trenton for work. Last time through I made a stop at Princeton Homebrew specifically to pick up the ECY Brasserie Blend. My dilemma is this....

I am in the midst of retooling my AG system and need to get a brew going. I REALLY want to get a saison rolling especially, ( favorite style)m,. So this leaves me at either a straight extract or a PM.

I am opting for partial.

this is my recipe thus far...


5#'s golden light DME

1# bavarian wheat DME

To be Mashed, ( partially speaking of course ),..

1# flaked wheat ( is this too much?)

1# munich

8oz of rye malt ( for S's and G's)

a small handful of roasted barley ( also for s's and g's).

1 oz of Magnum @ 60

1 oz of Styrian Goldings at 10

1/2 oz of EKG's at flame out.

This recipe seeeeeems to get me fairly close to a nice goldenish, spicy saison IMHO. Just curious what others think.

I have heard bad things about extract saisons as the mash temp the DME was created at may have been too high to get them down to being dry enough. Anyone aware of any truth to this?

Should I mash the specialties in the 146-149 range, for say, 90 mins?

How about my hop additions and timings?

this is my first attempt at a saison and I REALLY want to nail it if I can.


Mike T
12/06/10 02:51 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
Extract is designed to give you a moderate level of fermentability, this could cause problems depends on how aggressive the yeast strain is (havent used that blend). Holding your mini-mash low for some extra time (as you are planning) is a good choice. I might also swap out a pound of the extract for an easily fermentable sugar to help things along further.

Otherwise the recipe sounds good, although Id probably skip the roasted barley. I dont think it needs the extra color, you can make a very good saison with a very simple malt bill.

Good luck.

12/06/10 04:02 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
thanks mike.

extract seems to have some serious caveats indeed. I think I may have some corn sugar, ( 3/4 #'s or so), and some beet sugar as well some pillocillo sugar, though I'd be a bit worried that the pilloncillo may alter the color as it is essentially brown sugar, plus I've noticed a somewhat "cidery" quality to beers I've brewed with non-corn sugar-sugars in the past.

as for the roasted barley...

I know that the Jolly Pumpkin Bam Bier has this, or black patent thrown in via a similar approach. I put all of this threw a brewing calc and the SRM wasn't all that affected, if affected at all.

12/06/10 04:31 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
after some tweaking.... this is what I'm looking at currently. I dropped two pounds of the light DME and added 12oz's of corn sugar.


42% 3 0 Briess DME Golden Light 43 5

14% 1 0 Briess Bavarian Wheat DME 43 3

14% 1 0 Flaked Wheat 34 2

14% 1 0 American Munich 33 10

10% 0 12 Corn Sugar 40 0

5% 0 6 Rye Malt 29 4

0% 0 Roasted Barley 25 300

Batch size: 5.0 gallons

Original Gravity


Final Gravity



6 SRM / 12 EBC



boil 60 mins 0.75 Magnum pellet 14.0

boil 5 mins 1.0 Styrian Goldings pellet 5.4

post-boil 1 min 0.5 East Kent Goldings plug 5.0

12/09/10 07:48 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
So I went ahead and brewed this monday night. Pitched a healthy 3 day old starter into it, everything went smooth. The cold weather certainly helped my immersion chiller get things cooled off nice and quick like. The only thing I changed was to up the sugar to one pound. I used 10oz's of corn sugar and 6oz's of piloncilos. I only missed my OG by 2 points, wound up at 1.050. The color looks more copper than golden. It reminds me of the look of the Domaine DuPage from Two Brothers, which is labeled a biere de garde. I've been keeping the fermentation temps up in the mid 80's to low 90's. The airlock sounds happy, though no huge krausening or blow-offs seem imminent.
12/14/10 06:47 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
racked this to a secondary today, down to 1.002 already, so far I'm very happy with this yeast. the sample tasted fantastic already. I guess this goes to show that extract brews can be taken to dryness, ( with the right yeast, conditions etc),. Now to give it some time to age.....
04/18/11 10:02 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
Ok, so this beer turned out fantastic and I really should have kept a few bottles around but it was too good not to drink. After this, I brewed two batches with the ECY Farmhouse Brett blend. The first of which I am almost through drinking as of now. I can now say this regarding the blend.... let it sit.

I have been cracking bottles open for damned near every stage of the bottling process and I can honestly say, I was a jackass for having done so. This beer is SO good by now it's not even funny. At first it was just sort of middle of the road and, ( as my friends put it).... "belgiany". Early on it lacked that farmhouse punch. I used warrior for the bittering addition and it was just way to hoppy when it was young. However in three months time the the bitterness subsided considerably and the brett is starting to shine through in aroma, taste and acidity. I had a twelve ounce bottle of DuPont last night, that I followed up with a bottle of mine, and it really lived up. It wasn't at all a step down, just different, slightly on the maltier, more bitter, more acidic side is all.

Great, great yeast. Can't recommend it enough. Just let it have it's time to do its thing and you will not be disappointed.

Btw, my second batch is bulk aging now on 2.5 oz med toast Hungarian Oak cubes, with a decent pellicle to boot. Very excited about that one... plan to bottle in corked 750ml's.

04/19/11 07:47 PM  
Re: Extract Saison with East Coast Yeast Blend?
Hey Chris - thanks for the supportive words and glad to hear you're happy with the ECY.

Any chance you're going to the Pale Ales' Big Brew May 7 on this o' the river? Bunch of the brewers will be using ECY. Al and I will be stopping in and may end up staying a while. They have a nice turnout and from the looks of the set up and provisions, should be a blast.

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