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12/05/10 03:51 PM  
Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
Planning my first true turbid mash for my next lambic (Bugfarm IV). Which type of wheat is the easiest to work with and most effective for this? I have seen people using malted, flaked, and raw berries. I understand that traditionally the raw wheat berries are used. Any thoughts or are there more ways than one to skin this cat?
12/06/10 08:37 AM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
I'm no expert, but I found this to be a great resource for my first Lambic:


12/06/10 01:23 PM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
flaked wheat, lots of breweries when referring to their raw wheat usage actually use flaked wheat.
12/06/10 02:24 PM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
I've used flaked wheat, actually I really like using it, but as I recall if you use too much it can really slow down sparging.
Mike T
12/06/10 02:44 PM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
As I understand it a turbid mash is designed for using unmalted/ungelatinized wheat. For the one I did I used wheat berries from my local Whole Foods, crushed in my mill. Seemed to work well (best lambic I’ve made and the sparge wasn’t painful).

If you want to do a simpler mash then you’d need to go with malted or flaked wheat (flaked preferably since it is unmalted).

12/06/10 04:11 PM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
Actually Mike,

I planned on using your turbid mash program you used on your lambic 3.0. So, I guess I will probably use raw wheat berries to be as traditional as possible.


how would flaked wheat be any different than raw wheat berries in terms of slow sparging? both are huskless and gummy as hell...Just curious.

12/06/10 04:17 PM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
The only real difference is you don't have to mill flaked wheat. I could never get wheat to mill well in my Schmidling so I'd have to break out my old Corona, which I find sucks as a milling tool. When I used it I think it was 40% of the grist, at that ratio the sparge was OK.
Al B
12/07/10 07:18 AM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
Yes 40% is typical - The last 2 0r 3 lambics I did was w/ unmalted wheat turbid mash. I enjoy the crazy mash schedule if time is on your side. With the turbid mash, I never had an issue with sparging.

Al Bruxellensis

12/07/10 07:10 PM  
Re: Best Wheat for a turbid mash?
So, is it best to grind the unmalted wheat as fine as possible, or should I just run it through my typical roller mill twice through to be sure it is broken up well?
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