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11/19/10 05:21 AM  
Sour peach ale
I'm developing ideas for my next sour and I've been thinking along the lines of a peach sour. I've read that peaches aren't the best sour addition but the mad fermentationist disagrees and I like peaches enough to give it a shot.

Come up with the following recipe but being reasonably new to funky brewing would welcome feedback from anyone with experience of attempting similar.

At this point I'm not sure whether I should go with primary sacch yeast followed by roselare, primary straight out roselare or straight onto yeastcake of cuurent sour (third gen roselare + orval dregs).

My preference is for funk rather than sour but I think a subtle touch of sour will work with peach.

Sour Peach ale

Type: All grain Size: 15 liters

Color: 10 HCU (~7 SRM)

Bitterness: 23 IBU

OG: 1.048 FG: 1.005

Alcohol: 5.6% v/v (4.4% w/w)

Grain: 2kg Belgian Pilsner

1kg Wheat malt

250g Belgian biscuit

100g med crystal 50-60L

Mash: 70% efficiency

Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.029 25 liters

Hops: 25g Tettnanger (4.5% AA, 60 min.)

Mash 45 minutes@68

Step to 72 for 20

Step to mashout

WY Roselare

Secondary: age on peaches, no idea how many - maybe 3 kg.

Sorry for metric units to all the non metric users.

11/19/10 08:50 AM  
Re: Sour peach ale
All I know about peaches is that I used a couple of pounds for a 5 gallon batch of cider and it ended up very sour. Peaches have a good amount of citric acid so if your beer ends up bone dry like my cider, it's going to taste like lemon juice.
11/19/10 09:26 AM  
Re: Sour peach ale
I can second what Adrian added. Earlier this year I pulled 5 gallons out of my barrel (lambic style sour) and added peaches and apricots to it...sat on those for 6 months and it is FAR more sour than the original. The same was not true for blackberries, raspberries, or cherries. Cranberry added a bit more acidity, but I think the peach batch was far and away the most sour.
Mike T
11/19/10 03:02 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
Odd, I had the opposite experience, my peach beer didn't sour enough. I used fresh white peaches though which tend to be less acidic than the yellow ones. .5 kg/L was what I did and it was more than enough (although again it depends on your taste and fruit.)

Dan, it may have been the Apricots. Vinnie told me that the more apricot parentage in a pluot the more sour the resulting beer. Cantillon Fou Foune is also one of the sourest beers I've had.

If you don't want too much sourness certainly hold off on pitching the Roeselare, I think peaches do need some acid to help bring out their flavor though. Your recipe looks fine to we otherwise, good luck.

11/19/10 05:43 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
I've got a peach treated beer in the works now... I split the batch of RodenBug fermented wort in two after about 6 weeks in primary, half stayed on the lees for 3 months, and half got racked onto a few dozen peaches. The bugs soured up very nicely in the primary ferment... now the peach aroma in the peachy half is fantastic. I've got high hopes for that whole batch.
11/19/10 08:38 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
@Mike: Did you really mean to type 5kg per litre? Not sure I could fit 100kg of peaches in my demijohn, even without the beer.

I'll go for white peaches. I'm not anti sour - I quite like sourness. It's more the aceto thing that I prefer less rather than more of and as long as I can get dimensionality in my beer I'll be happy. Might pitch new roselare rather than use dregs though, just to back the sourness of a touch.

11/19/10 10:21 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
Just saw the decimal point mike. Sorry - makes more sense now though.

0.5 kg per litre so 7.5 kg per 15 kg batch.

11/19/10 10:24 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
15 LITRE batch. Damn not being able to edit and sorry for triple post.

11/20/10 08:16 AM  
Re: Sour peach ale
18 mos ago I brewed a pale sour with WY roselare. Basically pilsner base malt and 1# carahell 20L. At 14 mos, I racked 3 gallons (half) of it onto 6# freshly picked peaches (skin and all). The beer is now quite sour and funky complex with a fantastic aroma. Definitely much more sour and funky then the pale straight batch.

Being my first time of brewing with peaches I wanted to make sure I got a huge peach note so I went with 2#/gallon. I am also of the mindset that one can never have too much fruit in a fruit beer. Or too much hops in an IPA for that matter. There could just always be more!

Mike T
11/22/10 11:21 AM  
Re: Sour peach ale
I shouldn't try converting to metric. I was trying to say 2 lbs per gallon (which is more like .25 kg per L, right?).

Sorry for the confusion.

11/22/10 11:32 AM  
Re: Sour peach ale
.25 kg is close enough.
11/22/10 12:00 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
Earned a first place in fruit beers at the Dixie Cup with a sour peach - 100% Pils, 1.050 og, 24 IBUs, fermented with 3787, then racked five gals onto 5# peaches (pits removed) and added a shot of sour cake (grown from Cuvee Rene and Orval, mostly) last Feb and let it sit for four months. Uber sour and you'd never guess it was made with barley, tastes more like a sour wine with a nice peach aroma and flavor, just a bit more than "subtle."
11/22/10 01:36 PM  
Re: Sour peach ale
I made a Berliner Weisse last Spring. Primary fermentation was with lacto and then pitched WLP011 after a few days. I left ~5 gl. plain and it's quite good. The lacto aroma is a little overpowering, but otherwise it's a light, 'clean' wheat ale with a sour finish.

I also put 3 gls. onto 6#s of fresh, Indiana pink peaches and 3 gls. onto 6#s of fresh Indiana raspberries/blackberries. I like both of the fruited version more than the plain.

The peach version was immediately more than the other versions. It's delicious and quite sour. You can really smell the peaches and the fruit added a nice mouthfeel to an otherwise thin beer.

I don't know about the combo of peach and funk, but peach lacto worked great!

11/23/10 01:59 AM  
Re: Sour peach ale
So ~0.25 kg per litre and looks like peaches are a goer.


I'll let you know how it goes in a year or so. Should be a good summer refresher (nearly summer here now but I mean 2011-2012)

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