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11/16/10 06:04 PM  
Chocolate flavor, aroma?

I've been working on a Belgian Dark Strong for awhile now and have allowed the recipe to evolve to where it wants to go. One thing this beer is screaming for is the flavor and aroma of chocolate.

I had the pleasure to try Gouden Carolus the other day and was shocked at how close my beer was to this example. However, the GC has a prominent flavor of chocolate. I think I would like to pursue this avenue.

Obviously, I could add Hershey's to the brew but I'd rather approach it from a grain standpoint. Also, I think some American and English Brown ale recipes would benefit from a chocolate flavor and aroma without the roastiness.

Any suggestions on what grain and method to try to achieve the chocolate flavor without the roastiness? I really don't want to add any coffee attributes.

11/16/10 07:30 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
I like using chocolate wheat malt from Weyermann. I haven't used pale chocolate yet, but beers I've tried with it have a nice chocolate note.
11/16/10 08:26 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
Pale chocolate malt is one of my favorite grains. You will get much more actual chocolaty flavor from pale chocolate malt than normal chocolate malt, which tends to have more roast than chocolate flavor in my experience.
11/17/10 10:52 AM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
I recently used cocoa nibs - 4oz in the fermenter for about a week after high krausen. It added a great smooth chocolate flavor and aroma (this was an oatmeal stout) without adding roastiness.

That doesn't achieve your goal of using grain but it is an alternative to consider. Askinosie is local for me so I'm partial to their nibs.

11/17/10 11:33 AM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
Ross, read the thread below this on cold mashing. IMO cold mashed Karafe Dehusked II is as chocolately as barley gets.
Rob B
11/17/10 01:18 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
+1 to the pale chocolate malt, it is all I use now for choc malt.
11/17/10 09:27 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?

Thanks for your input! I knew I could count on you, all good suggestions! I'll take a look at all the options and give 'em a try. Thanks again. This could wind up being a real nice Dark Strong.

11/18/10 11:42 AM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?

hijack - sorry

What % pale choc is needed to be noticiable in a Dubbel or BSD


Rob B
11/18/10 12:10 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
DBear...personally I don't want chocolate notes in my dubbels or BDSA's, I like the dark fruit characters.

I won't use any in these beers, but I would stick to about a 1/4 pound in a 5 gal batch.

11/19/10 05:23 AM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
Not malted grain but if you can get some cacao nibs - toast and add to mash and secondary
11/19/10 05:24 AM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
just rea;ised someone already suggested the same. Consider my above post a post of aggrement then.
11/22/10 12:07 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
IME Pale Chocolate along with Chocolate (maybe 1:3) really boosts the chocolate character in the beer.

And +2 to adding toasted cocoa nibs in secondary - very nice flavor and aroma. Be aware though that they are acidic and will lower the pH over time. It was a happy accident when I discovered this - made a tart Imperial Porter that was quite tasty.

11/27/10 05:34 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
I'll add another vote for cocoa nibs. I use 28g for 22.5l and find it to provide a subtle, yet noticeable chocolate flavor. I really like Pale Chocolate too. I've added 0.15kg to a Cascadian Ale and could taste a very subtle amount of Chocolate from it.

Matt F will
11/29/10 01:11 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?
I've had good results with cocoa nibs in the kettle. Additionally you can simply boil some in water and gain a clear idea as to what flavor they Will add and how much you'll want to add to your beer.
11/30/10 09:37 PM  
Re: Chocolate flavor, aroma?

Thanks again, great posts! I'm going to be brewing that BDS in a month or so and will try one these techniques and see how it goes.

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