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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/19/10 10:24 PM  
Partigyle/Sour Combo
I'm wanting to do my first partigyle on my next batch, and am thinking I'll sour the second runnings. Any thoughts on a style for the first runnings? I was thinking a big porter or maybe an oatmeal stout, as I don't think I want something with a lot of roastiness?
10/20/10 07:22 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
If you plan on doing a porter or oatmeal stout, don't those have a fair amount of roast in them? Why not brew a strong old ale and with the second runnings make a small oud bruin or sour mild?
10/21/10 01:43 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
Chocolate and sourness is a kickass combo.
10/21/10 03:19 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
10/22/10 10:44 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
Brewed a 1.140 quad the other day and had an extra half gallon. Diluted that and pitched some bugs in. We'll see how it goes.

By chocolate do you mean chocolate malt or just chocolate flavor Chris?

10/23/10 12:18 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
Chocolate flavor in general. I have never had a beer that was sour with actual chocolate in it, but I would imagine that would work just as well.

I have had a few beers in the last year that have really paired dark malt flavors with sourness really well. You can even throw bourbon flavors in there and it is still fantastic and can mesh really well.

So I was speaking mostly of chocolate malt flavor (or other roast flavors), but I think tankdeer can speak to actual chocolate in a sour beer.

10/23/10 12:35 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
My 3rd generation of Bugfarm3 was an Imperial Stout and it turned out amazingly well. The roasted coffee & chocolate flavors (from grain) melded perfectly with the fruitiness from the acidity.
10/23/10 01:03 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
Cool, I've been wanting to do another Imp Stout, so I guess I'll just roll with that then. Thanks for the help guys!
10/24/10 08:59 PM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
Here's the recipe I'm gonna use (not an Imperial Stout obviously). Will mash with 50 quarts to hopefully end up with 8 gallons pre-boil and then sparge with however much I need to end up with the same that I will sour up.

What do you think?

21 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US

8 lbs Vienna

2 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L

1 lbs Chocolate Malt

1 lbs Special B Malt

10/25/10 11:45 AM  
Re: Partigyle/Sour Combo
<<but I think tankdeer can speak to actual chocolate in a sour beer>>

Well, I do still have the chocofunk going. It's been aging quietly on cocoa nibs for the last 16 months or so. Last I tasted it was several months ago, but it was coming along nicely. Still needed more age though.

It was inspired by Fantome Chocolat, which as those who've had it know, is not really that sour. But has a nice funk that blends well with the cocoa.

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