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10/19/10 01:45 AM  
Clarifying a Berliner?
In reading Chris England's recipe for a traditional Berliner Weisse in the "Brewing with Wheat" book, he claims that "Most importantly, a Berliner Weisse should be crystal clear." Given that this is a no boil beer, made with 50% wheat, with a decoction mash liberating more starches, and given only a short 3-4 day primary before bottling, how would this beer be clarified?

I have two 6 gallon batches going on 5 days now, they are still showing some krausen and were very cloudy even before pitching, so I was curious to see if there was something I was missing in this regard. Thanks in advance for the help!

Mike T
10/19/10 08:58 AM  
Re: Clarifying a Berliner?
It just takes time. The microbes will chew through the proteins and starches and leave a lovely clear beer in ~6 months in my experience. You could certainly do some cold conditioning if you wanted to get it really clear, but I don't think its needed.

Here are some pictures of what my first batch (decocted, no-boil etc...) looked like at ~4 months: http://www.themadfermentationist.com/2008/05/berliner-weisse-1st-tasting.html

10/19/10 11:42 AM  
Re: Clarifying a Berliner?
Exactly. Mine have always come out brilliantly clear without anything additional added by me.
10/19/10 12:42 PM  
Re: Clarifying a Berliner?
Mine also have come out very clear after 4-6 months.

But I keg, not bottle, so the constant drawing off of the dregs at the bottom helps keep it clear, where pouring off the dusty dusty lacto at the bottom of a bottle will probably always leave you with a cloudy glass of berliner.

10/19/10 07:31 PM  
Re: Clarifying a Berliner?
I too have not had an issue with clear berliner weisse's. Time is of course a friend in this issue. Although I believe the BJCP guidelines state that they can be "clear to somewhat hazy" so while Kristen may say these should be brilliantly clear there is obviously some leeway in terms of judging (probably taking bottle conditioned versions into mind).
10/20/10 12:58 PM  
Re: Clarifying a Berliner?
Awesome, thanks for the help everyone. That is fascinating that the microbes will cleave the insoluble portions on their own...
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