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10/13/10 08:01 PM  
Small batches of Lambic for Experimenting and Blen
So I've got a 4 gallon batch of a sour, lambic style beer with pureed blueberries (pured myself) added a few days into high krausen. It had a very active fermentation with Roselare blend and over the course of the last 7 months it developed a nice pelicle and a purplish color.

Now I'm planning to brew up 4 gallons of plain "lambic" to ferment in 4 seperate 1 gallon jugs. I'm doing this as a mostly extract batch, so I boiled one pound each of flaked maize, pearlized barley and raw wheat berries and strained them for their starches and I'll be using 8oz of maltodextrin in the boil.

I'll innoculate the whole batch with wyeast's lambic blend and I'll innoculate specific jugs with dregs (grown up in small light starters) from fantome, jolly pumpking or giardin gueze. One jug will be strictly the lambic blend.

I'm going to put some of the older blueberry beer into a small (2.5 gallon) oak barrel that I've barrolkleen rinsed and held chardonay in for a handful of months. I'll only use part of the batch and not for very long for oxidation & over-oak-character concerns.

My goal is to, in however many months it takes, to blend some of these different batches together possibly with fresh blueberries to produce a gueze style beer. (Which I'd like to carbonate/bottle condition with a variety of champagne yeast, ala ithaca's Brute & Le Bleu)

Thoughts on my process/plan? Suggestions?

Mike T
10/15/10 09:21 AM  
Re: Small batches of Lambic for Experimenting and
Sounds like a solid plan to me. You can always repitch the slurry from your favorite jug along with some fresh lambic blend to make a full 5 gallon batch in a year or so. The only problem with experimenting with small batch sour beers is that if they come out well you won’t have many bottles (although depending on how much you are able to blend that may not be an issue).
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