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09/27/10 07:34 PM  
D or D2 Candi syrup?
Was looking to brew up an old ale with brett and wanted to use either D or D2 syrup in it. I have used D before in oud bruins and dubbels and enjoyed it, but was wondering if D2 would make a better addition? What do ya think?
09/28/10 01:11 AM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
The D2 will bring chocolate notes to the party.

I don't know about the D. I love D2 enuff to buy some just for my French Toast.

09/28/10 08:05 AM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?

A couple of years ago the candi syrup I used was bottled:

D = 40 SRM

D2 = 80 SRM

Now in packets:

D = 80 SRM

D2 = 160 SRM

The D40 would give heavy caramel and D80 more choc

Now the D80 still has choc and the D160 more of every thing.

For a malty full bodied beer like your old ale the D2160 should addd nice complexity. Might try it at the higher end of the OG for the style. Someone else may give you an idea on how it would work with brett.

09/28/10 11:08 AM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
Wow, I didn't realize they changed the sugar - just the package. I haven't bought any of the new ones yet, guess I need do.
09/28/10 01:23 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?

Yeah I still get confused. Maybe the stuff I got was not from darkcandi.com

This is what the packaging looks like:


09/28/10 07:25 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
Interesting Dbear. last time I purchased some candi syrup mine came in a bottle and the D was 80 SRM. So the D2 seems to be 160 SRM, huh? I wonder if that is still the same brand is "candi syrup" being sold at N. Brewer?
09/28/10 09:41 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
Regarding these syrups, I understand that it makes a difference at what point in the boil they are added. Pleases correct me if I'm wrong but I believe we will get more of the syrup's flavor in the final brew if we add it at 60 minutes left rather than at flame out or late in the boil. Can anyone confirm this?
09/28/10 11:36 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
Yes Ross that's my observation also.
09/29/10 01:35 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
Thanks Buddy!
09/29/10 07:22 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
Ross and Cisco, I agree too. I also notice it retains more color when added early. In general, I prefer adding my sugars (except honey) early in the boil.
09/29/10 10:05 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
The D2 sounds interesting. I've always liked a chocolate note to a dubbel such as the Maredsous 8, St. Bernardus 6 or Westmalle. Looks like the D2 could be the ticket added at 60 minutes.
10/02/10 07:54 AM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
D2 it sounds like for me! Now I just have to find it online as the stores I have checked where I typically order online from are out of stock (NBrewer, Midwest). Not looking to brew this one up until old Hallow's eve though so I got some time to procure the necessary ingredients.
tom sawyer
10/03/10 03:30 PM  
Re: D or D2 Candi syrup?
I like the D2, for awhile you couldn't get it and I used D1. Now I keep both on hand, although I'm slacking off on making dubbels.
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