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09/21/10 02:43 PM  
Same/Different Fermenters?
Do you guys split your fermenters for doing sour and clean beers, or do you use the same ones for both? I'm getting ready to rack out a Bugfarm brew, and am really hesitant to ferment my next clean beer in this carboy, despite the success stories that I have heard from people who use the same set of fermenters. What do you think?
09/21/10 04:20 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I guess it would depend on what kinda fermenter you're using. I feel ok with using glass for both, with a good cleaning/sanitizing in between. I wouldn't use plastic for both, though. I've heard of people using plastic buckets for both with no problems, but as cheap as a plastic bucket is, I wouldn't take the chance.

Of course, I've only got 15 gallons of sour beer under my belt, so I'm not sure how much my opinion count for...



09/21/10 04:45 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I've co mingled, it can work.
09/21/10 05:23 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
Glass and stainless is no problem for both wild and regular brews providing cleaning and sanitation is up to par. I have not risked plastic anything (buckets, hoses, wine theif, etc) for fear of contamination.
Rob B
09/21/10 08:36 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I use the same carboys for both!
09/21/10 11:25 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I keep mine separate. I realize some people share glass between the two, but honestly it just gives me an excuse to brew more often if I have separate sets for both!

I get pickier than I need to about it though and even have separate buckets for sanitizing my clean plastic stuff (tubing, siphon, racking cane, etc) and my bug plastic stuff.

09/22/10 11:00 AM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I tend to keep most bits separate and the fermenters are in different areas. I do store my bottle conditioning beers in the same area as my sour/funks but the fermenting sacch stuff is a fair way apart from the fermenting or ageing brett type stuff. That said, I am cold conditioning my first brett beer in my one and only fridge. Will be giving it a massive clean and sanitising regime aftwerwards.

I have confidence that the glass ageing vessels could be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised for non funk beers in the future. for plastic stuff I'd rather not take the risk.

09/22/10 04:52 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I don't think you have to be that crazy about it manticle. But to each his own!
09/22/10 05:11 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
Glass/stainless - yes

plastic - no sir

09/23/10 01:18 AM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
@brewinhard: I've had unwelcome infections before and tipping full mash beer is depressing. An hour scrubbing my fridge with bleach won't do it or me any harm. Tipping beer will.
09/23/10 07:49 PM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
I hear ya Manticle! Losing beer to an infection sucks for sure. It feels so demoralizing. I am sure your fridge will thank you and your brews will be healthier for it!


09/24/10 05:04 AM  
Re: Same/Different Fermenters?
Seems kind of funny - here we are deliberately 'infecting' some of our beers yet fussing and fretting over others.

The joys of the diversity of brewing I guess. I wouldn't trade it.

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