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09/21/10 12:10 PM  
Making/Kegging Faro?
I have never kegged a sour before, but obviously this would be one style to try it with.

Has anyone made one? I realize it could be done/mixed in the glass, but I would like to try to keg it.

I have had a few (keg, cask, and bottle), and the kegged one was my favorite. As I understand the syle it is dark candi syrup added to a lambic, or mix of regular and 'light' lambics.

How would you go about making this beer? Just mix the two, or three, ingredients to taste in a bottling bucket and then into the keg?

09/21/10 04:45 PM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
I believe that the historical explanation for faro was when a lambic went bad, which is certainly a real risk with open fermenting, they would sweeten it with dark candi to make it palatable. Of course all that bacteria would go nuts on the sugar and before long the band aide would fall off. So you'd need to drink it fast.

As home brewer keggers we have an advantage though. You could take measures to halt all activity in the finished lambic, add the sugar then force carbonate. Then your faro could be more a long term effort.

Just keep in mind, in any traditional sense faro is not so much a beer style as a beer salvage technique.

09/22/10 07:56 AM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
whatever you do, don't base your beer off lindeman's lambic. it was good not.
09/22/10 05:07 PM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
I have yet to have a Faro that I enjoyed. Given, I've only had a handful.

Guess I'm no help here.

09/23/10 09:58 AM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
I was about to reply by saying me neither ... but then I remembered one that I did really enjoy. It was on tap a A La Mort Subite in Brussels. Very light, refreshing and really low in ABV, like 3% or something. I ordered it cause I had never seen a Faro on tap before and had to know what it was like.

I'm sure it was nothing like what Faro was like when they first concocted the idea. Back then it would have had to have been fairly sweet to cover the issues in the base beer. But I have to say that, for me, the lawnmower beer approach was a big winner.

09/24/10 06:21 PM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
The Cantillon faro on tap at the brewery is pretty nice, too.
09/25/10 12:57 PM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
^ I don't remember them having it on tap when I was there. But it's possible I just ignored it too. I was drinking Lou Pepe I think.
11/25/10 01:42 PM  
Re: Making/Kegging Faro?
Can I use D or D2 to make Faro? Anyone have an idea how much to use?

I might make a few pints to check it before doing a full keg.

Have a good Holiday.


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