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09/13/10 01:53 PM  
WY 3724 viability and heating
I have a 1.055 saison going on wk 4 with this strain, which I love. I know it takes a long time to finish from experience and I am patient for the results.

Primary fermentation was 68 degrees for 2 days then brew belt on to ramp up temps. For the last 3 wks the brew has been fluctuating in the low to mid 80's. Took a reading last week and was down to 1.016 so the yeast is slowly pumping away. Cool temps lowered my carboy to about high 70's this past weekend so I wrapped my carboy with the brew belt on in a thick layered towel. Checked it yesterday and the carboy felt very warm to the touch. I am guessing at least in the high 90's if not 100 degrees F or so. I plan on taking a gravity soon, but was wondering if that yeast would still be viable to brew another batch with (would only be the second time using it) seeing as it got so hot.

I guess I could pull a small bit of beer/yeast in suspension out and make a small starter up and see if that yeast is still working after the "heat wave". I would hate to spend 6 hrs making a great batch of wort only to rack it onto dead yeast. Any ideas, thoughts, experiences with extra high temps and reusing viable yeast cells?

09/13/10 02:44 PM  
Re: WY 3724 viability and heating
That yeast strain LOVES high temperatures. When I use it I keep it at 90F for several weeks. It will be fine for repitching since this first beer was what I call a low gravity beer.
09/13/10 05:24 PM  
Re: WY 3724 viability and heating
Even if the beer temperature raised to over 100 degrees or higher?
09/13/10 07:21 PM  
Re: WY 3724 viability and heating

I'm assuming DuPont repitches and that ferments around 90F and folks repitch from the bottle with good results.

Since you didn't actually measure the high temps i go with denial but thats just me. Your idea of a making a small starter will give you some indication. I'm almost sure you will get activity but would not know how you account for stress, maybe by off aromas. It may need babying with yeast nutrient.


06/03/11 11:38 AM  
Re: WY 3724 viability and heating
Hey brewinhard,

I know that this is an old thread, but did you go ahead and repitch? If so, how did it turn out? I'm going through a similiar sort of situation myself, and am curious about your results. Thanks!

06/03/11 01:50 PM  
Re: WY 3724 viability and heating
Funny you should ask as I was just posting about it on another thread. I did repitch and the beer ended up fermenting down much faster than the first batch (with a little yeast nutrient added to the boil). My first one took about 5 wks at a 1.055 gravity to get down to a 1.008 even after those super high temps.

I repitched about 1.5 cups of the trub/yeast into a saison of OG 1.070. The beer took only 3 weeks to ferment down. Much faster and a healthier fermentation. I would say you are probably safe to repitch with this exact strain. It seems to be extremely heat tolerant and actually benefits a repitch for the second generation.

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