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09/09/10 11:43 PM  
Chocolate in a Dubbel?
Wifey wants a beer with chocolate in it. General request was a chocolate porter.

Sidenote: I've been interested in using some of the chocolate "nibs" from Tcho.

Idea came to me to make a Dubbel with chocolate instead of the more standard chocolate porter or stout.

Internet and book research resulted in ZERO hits on using chocolate in a dubbel, only verification that dubbel's have chocolate notes in them. Is this because it's a lousy idea? Should I stick with the original oatmeal chocolate porter plan I was formulating?

Anyone made or tasted a dubbel that included chocolate? Good, bad, indifferent? Inputs appreciated, thanks.

09/10/10 07:50 AM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
I was making a rochefort clone, and got me some D2 syrup.

I sampled said syrup, the chocolate note was loud and strong....D2 is a common ingredient in a Dubbel....I say

go for it nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That flavor was so good I bought an extra pouch of syrup to put on my french toast.

tom sawyer
09/10/10 08:06 AM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
I've had dubbels that had a pronounced chocolate note. Its certainly a complementary flavor for a dubbel. You can get that with some chocolate malt but I suppose nibs would work. I haven't got much chocolate from D1 or D2, those are more for the plum raisin flavors.
09/10/10 12:30 PM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
I get dry chocolate from the D2 syrup.
09/10/10 01:32 PM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
The last three winters I've made a chocolate beer that could vaguely be called a dubbel. I do a slight variation each time. One batch I aged on fresh oak and last year's got plums and blackberries. I try to make the chocolate a main component of the flavor but not overpowering and I think that works out nicely.

fwiw, I have always used cocoa powder in the boil. I think the original reasoning was that it does not contain the fat compounds that would destroy foam retention. I might try nibs in secondary next time. Cambridge Brewing recently had a super chocolaty porter made with nibs from Taza (http://www.tazachocolate.com/).

09/11/10 01:36 AM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
If you're going to use malt to reinforce the chocolate, consider Pale Chocolate malt rather than Chocolate malt. In my opinion it imparts much more of a chocolate flavor.
09/11/10 03:00 PM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
Yeah, it does a good flavor thing for sure....pale chocolate malt rox
tom sawyer
09/12/10 06:31 PM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
I like chocolate wheat, at the small am ount added you get both the flavor and some extra head retention.
09/13/10 10:16 AM  
Re: Chocolate in a Dubbel?
One of these days you should experiment with cold mashing techniques using Karafe Dehusked II malt. Convincing chocolate flavors does not necessitate literally using chocolate.
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