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09/01/10 01:57 PM  
WLP530 knows how to blow - what next?

Once again, WLP530 shows it knows how to blow:

My 1.080 Tripel had a stong initial ferment with a lot of blowoff and at nine days just a dusting of yeast in the bottom of the carboy.

I checked the blow off rig and there was a almost an inch of yeast in the bottom of my 1gal jug. :(

THe sample is sweet (1.024) but this beer is a keeper so I hope to get a lower by pitching more yeast:

o Temp is 73F

o Starter of liquid champangne, some nutrients' pitch at high kreusen

- What size for the starter?

- Pitch in primary or rack beer of to secondary?

All thoughts are welcome


09/01/10 02:05 PM  
Re: WLP530 knows how to blow - what next?
Hey Dbear!

I would go with a simple pint or quart starter, probably more like a pint. Depending on your mash temp and sugar additions you probably only have about 10-12 gravity points to go. Depending on how much headspace you have I bet you would probably be fine pitching that starter back into your primary fermenter to finish up. Who knows, you may even help to kickstart some of the tired yeast as well. Good luck man!

09/01/10 02:28 PM  
Re: WLP530 knows how to blow - what next?

Hey brewinhard. Thanks for the quick reply!

Good luck to you with the odenada saison that I "might" have read about elsewhere ;)

09/01/10 04:50 PM  
Re: WLP530 knows how to blow - what next?
I've had experiences with that yeast where adding some yeast nutrient and raising the temperature helped drive fermentation at the end. The first couple times I used I didn't add any nutrient to beers with 10%ish sugar and found that it exploded all over the place and then cleared up quite a bit when at around 70 degrees with .010 pts still remaining to my expected FG. Raising the temp to the mid 70's and adding about .5g/gal fermaid k did the trick as it finished within the next week. This is something wine makers do all the time as musts become nutrient poor and alcohol builds. Might be worth a try here before adding additional yeast.
09/01/10 04:52 PM  
Re: WLP530 knows how to blow - what next?
Forgot to mention that folks at White Labs told me via email that this yeast is especially sensitive to low zinc levels - an element contained in most yeast nutrients. Since using nutrient in the kettle I've had much more success with it fermenting reliably.
09/01/10 07:37 PM  
Re: WLP530 knows how to blow - what next?

Thanks JLap.

Did not know about wlp530 zinc sensitivity.

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