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08/23/10 03:35 PM  
Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
I made a quick extract wheat beer with Wheat LME that is by far the worst beer I've ever made. It has a lot of those bad extract flavors + it's way too sweet.

It's a bad beer. Really.

Would throwing some Brett C that I have on hand be a waste? I've never used Brett, but I'm kinda itching to try it.


08/24/10 01:44 AM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
I don't see how adding brett to a bad beer would make it taste good. I guess you are hoping for some more attenuation, but it won't help those "bad extract flavors." I guess if you have some laying around it wouldn't hurt to try.
Matt S
08/24/10 09:51 AM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
I would agree. I think you need a good base beer and then Brett with just make it more complex
tom sawyer
08/24/10 11:33 AM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
Throw in a lambic blend or dregs from a bottle of good lambic/kriek. That'll take care of the attenuation eventually. Then in a few months consider adding some fruit like cherries or raspberries. Use a fairly large amount so you definitely get plenty of flavor. In a year you'll have a nice kriek/framboise.
08/24/10 11:44 AM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
I did this to a similar beer a few years back. It wasn't a bad batch of extract brew though. Mine was a Belgian Stout that wasn't very "Belgian-like" and wasn't a very "stout-like". I threw in some Cuvee de Tomme dregs and some red poppy dregs. After about three months I threw in 4 pounds of sweet cherries. The beer is not amazing, but it is very nice now. The dregs added some complexity and strong sourness, the cherries added a great cherry flavor and the roastiness came through much better. So, if you want to try and salvage it and you don't mind waiting 8-15 months then go for it, experiment. If that doesn't sound worth it then dump it, and brew again. Good luck.
08/24/10 01:26 PM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
I didn't expect a resounding "yes" but I was hopeful. :)

I'll save my Brett and probably drain pour this garbage.

tom sawyer
08/24/10 04:18 PM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
Why? You won't be out anything if you give it a shot. From what I've read, Belgian lambic brewers use their less than stellar barrels for making kriek.

You can always use the Brett from the dregs of this brew for future projects.

08/25/10 10:59 AM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
It depends on how you define "less than stellar". Basically what it means to them is that they won't use those barrels to make gueuze. But they won't use BAD beer for anything, not even a kriek.
tom sawyer
08/25/10 05:28 PM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
For sure, I don't expect they have to throw out much beer.

My point is that a mediocre extract wheat beer that lacks much hops and yeast character, can make a darned good lambic/kriek. The NB kriek kit is a case in point, its just a bland wheat beer base that gets its character from the lambic blend. And I expect this guy's base beer would work just fine as well.

08/27/10 02:53 AM  
Re: Brett C. in my Terrible Wheat?
I say add the brett. or dregs of any funky beer you like. it couldnt hurt to see how it comes out. of course i once had a beer that i added dried peaches to (i neglected to sanitize them)and the whole batch tasted fine but smelled like feet. im proud to say i didnt dump it, i made anyone who wanted to party at my house drink a big glass before they ate or drank anything else.
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