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08/05/10 09:01 AM  
Leave stones/pits in fruit?
What's the take on leaving stones in the fruit when adding to a lambic? Peaches are really cheap now, so I was thinking of jamming as many as possible into a carboy full of straight lambic....
08/05/10 09:33 AM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
I have heard of this and am currently tryinh it with cherries. Peaches, (stone fruit) I don't know about.
08/05/10 11:44 AM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
I've heard peach pits contain small amounts of cyanide, not sure if it's enough to actually cause any damage, but just for what it's worth.
08/05/10 12:11 PM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
Cherry bark and leaves also have a small amount of cyanide in them as well. It's not known if that is also present in cherry heartwood or the pits. Historically many Belgian beers are aged with pits in solution so it seems like that if any cyanide compounds are present, they are in very low levels or do not get extracted into the beer. Hopefully.
tom sawyer
08/05/10 12:29 PM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
I have a lambic sitting on cherries right now, not pitted. After two months they are far from disintegrated, in fact they are still mostly intact. I've read that most fruit lambic producers only leave the beer on fruit for a couple of months. In that amount of time the fruit felsh won't be gone, so I think this prevents a thorough extraction of the pits.
08/05/10 12:42 PM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
Interesting. The thing with the peaches is that I will have to cut them up, so stone exposure will be guaranteed immediately. Maybe I'll just leave them out.
08/05/10 01:42 PM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
I believe it's actually the seed inside the of the pit that contains cyanide. That would explain why it tastes bitter anyway.

Unless your cracking the pits open, it's not anything to worry about.

08/05/10 05:12 PM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
Cascade Brewing here in PDX did a sour beer using the toasted seeds on the inside of apricot pits. They had a flavor similar to almonds.

Also in their Kriek they pit the cherries, then add both the cherry flesh and pits into the beer.

08/06/10 01:50 AM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
my cherry beer has an addition of mahleb as well as the fruit of the cherry. this is the pit of the st. lucie cherry. it sure is an interesting flavor.
08/06/10 08:12 AM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
Whenever I have used cherries, I always add the pits for added complexity (kirsch almond?). I just added 7 # of fresh apricots to a berliner weisse I brewed. I removed the pits on these as I did not feel the pits would have much to offer this style of beer.
08/06/10 01:53 PM  
Re: Leave stones/pits in fruit?
I do the same as brewinhard ... add the cherry pits but remove the peach and apricot pits. No rhyme or reason, just gut instinct/decision.
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