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08/01/10 12:55 PM  
Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Brewed a wit that I added the dregs of a JP Calabaza Blanca at kegging. Let the keg mature in the low 70's for 3 wks. then carbed up and served last night at a summer party. I did not have high hopes for the dregs to do any real work in such a short time period, but was I wrong! The wit was nicely sour (lactic) with cherry fruity hints in the nose along with a slight musty barnyard thing. WOW! Amazing that the dregs did all that in 3 short weeks. I am now a true believer in JP dregs straight from the bottle. I think the beer might actually have gotten too sour if I left it any longer! Crazy critters.... :)
08/01/10 04:55 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
glad it worked out so well for you, Ive loved what the dregs from calabaza has done in all the beers Ive used it in as well
08/02/10 01:44 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Wouldn't all the JP bottle dregs be as worthy? Man, I wish I hadn't brought all that beer with me to the party. although it was greatly appreciated, I just wish I had more to see where it was heading (besides my stomach....).
08/02/10 06:13 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
I would assume that it would all be good, although the few bottles of La Roja that Ive had have been far too phenolic for my liking, so Ive skipped using the dregs

Oro de Calabaza is another decent source of bugs, it a bit higher alc than calabaza though so the bugs might not be in as good of shape

I think, maybe someone will correct me, that all of their sour beers get the same culture...?

08/03/10 02:07 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
I was under the impression they used cool ships and then shared barrels, but I'm definitely not positive this is true.
08/03/10 07:25 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
i don't think jp uses coolships but i think i remember they use open fermenters and have openings in their roof to expose the beer to the air.
08/03/10 08:27 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Jolly Pumpkin uses one of their open fermenters as a coolship for the lambic style beer they are brewing (Lambicus Dexterius or something like that - it's quite tasty), but the rest are fermented with wlp550 in open fermenters then racked to their barrels where they are exposed to the souring cultures.
08/03/10 09:29 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
are those cultures pitched fresh every fill or is it just what survives in the oak?
08/03/10 10:21 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Just what survives in the oak.
08/05/10 11:32 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
On top of that, I believe I've heard Ron say that their wild culture is local microflora. None of it came from commercial sources.

FWIW, I've used dregs from Oro de Calabaza with good results before. Damn I love that beer.

08/06/10 08:15 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Oro de calabaza huh? Thats impressive as that beer is pushing 8% ABV. You would think those bugs would be stressed out a bit. Did you just pitch the dregs or make a starter? Did the beer sour nicely or was it more brett enhanced? If it soured well, it makes me think that JP has a fairly strong lactobacillus raging in their brewery barrels.
08/06/10 04:01 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Dregs only. Added in secondary to something. A Saison I believe it was. It was more brett than anything, but there was some sourness. But frankly Oro de Calabaza doesn't have much lactic character to it anyways.
12/02/10 03:44 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
+1 for JP dregs. I did a Saison a couple years ago and threw in some Fantome dregs and Bam Biere dregs, and in 3 weeks or so it was awesome. 2 months later in the bottle, it was even better.

Tried the same thing this year, but only used Fantome dregs and it just wasn't the same. I underestimated how much the JP dregs contributed to the final beer.

I have a dubbel-borderline-BDS that I'm planning on pitching some JP dregs into this next week, actually.

12/03/10 01:25 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
so i can just toss the dregs of say a Bam into a finished keg of beer and let sit for a few weeks then carb up and be good? Sounds too easy, I know to stay away from malty right, like a mild?
12/04/10 10:54 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
You can pitch those dregs directly into a keg and let it sit in room temps for a mos or two. Take a taste before carbing to make sure it is where you want it to be before chilling it down.

As for what style of beer, let you palate be your guide. I think a mild would taste great with some dregs. Kind of like a smaller oud bruin. Malt and sourness go very well together, so get to work and brew hard!

12/05/10 06:52 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
I had great results with La Roja dregs as well. I did a couple step up starters and used the yeast for primary fermentation. I then transferred to secondary and added a packet of roeselare, dregs from GI sofie and fantome hiver. It's been sitting about 4 months now.
12/13/10 10:35 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Well, I took the dregs from a Bam and added them to a corney keg of my mild. It is in the closet sitting at 63deg. Do I just purge the pressure twice a day or what else do I need to do here.
01/14/11 02:48 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
I brewed my usually light saison recipe in the Spring and tossed in some Bam dregs. I haven't touched it for awhile as it went through a period of ropiness over the fall, but we just sampled it the other night and it's *really* good now. Not much brett character, but definite lactic sourness. I'll be carbing this one very soon!
01/16/11 05:23 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!

I would say purging the pressure from your sour keg once a week would be more than sufficient.


Those Bam dregs are great b/c they are used in such a low gravity ABV% beer. It really ensures that the lacto is healthy and ready to go. That brett character will get better if you give it time, but if the lacto character is where you want it, then drink away. Last time I used the calabaza blanca dregs, I really noticed the strong lactic sourness as well with a mild brett influence. Easy way to make a simple sour beer... ENJOY!!!

01/17/11 03:19 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
I put the dregs of that Bam in, not much happened. Then on NYE I drank my first Concentration, dumped that bad boy in and just check it last night. Cracked the lid and smelled it right away, took a taste. There is already a light sourness going. I also ramped it up to 72-72 deg, that seems to have kicked it off too. I think I will let it go until I need the ferm fridge for wort.About a week or so.
01/17/11 05:01 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
yes, I know I spelled it wrong: Consecration
02/14/11 05:08 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Lots of talk about how JP dregs are very aggressive when added to a homebrewed batch. Anyone have an opinion (bonus points for data) of why?

I've had many of their beers and I certainly appreciate that characteristic Jolly Pumpkin funkiness. I'm also on my way to brewing a 2nd batch using a culture from a bottle. I just wonder if any of the more techy people on the forum have identified what yeast & bacteria strains are present that makes them so active.

Pitch a WY or WL culture into a beer and you can barely tell for months. JP dregs are just so much more active...why?

02/14/11 06:32 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
One guess would be most JP beer are probably fairly fresh compared to stuff being brought in from out of the country. It might also be the fact there is quite a bit of yeast in the bottom of JP bottles, more than most i've come across in other beers i've tried to culture dregs from. Finally, i don't think the aging process at JP is very long (6 months or less?), so the bugs used during the aging process that end up in the bottle are probably more viable.
02/14/11 07:30 PM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
I believe the wild ones include brett L and B as well as a hardy lactobacillus strain (no pedio). These bugs and yeast are constantly innoculating fresh wort in barrels and we are getting those freshly packaged bottles here in the good ol USA!

Many of JP's beers spend more time conditioning/funking in the bottles rather than in barrels and they do a lot of blending to reach desired levels of certain characteristics. I think these bugs are just so constantly active and fresh that they go to town on any fresh wort/beer available. I am sure strong populations have also been selected for over the years with JP's barrel aging process.

02/15/11 08:47 AM  
Re: Whooah Jolly Pumpkin dregs!
Well, I got to say the Consecration bugs have done there thing on my mild. I tasted and there is a funk to it, in a good way. Not over the top but a nice background that was nice. I will do a side by side since I have a few pints left of the non funked up mild.

I think that I will do this more often now, easy way to make a beer stand out and be green at the same time by recycling the bugs, lol.

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