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07/22/10 11:40 PM  
? on Brett finished Saison
I brewed a Saison in early June and fermented with 565 in primary with an OG of 1.065. As planned it stalled at 1.020 and I then racked to secondary. I pitched a brett slurry (L & B) from another batch about a month ago. I haven't taken a gravity reading yet, but plan to sometime soon. What should my target be on the FG? I certainly don't want to bottle too soon. I'm in no hurry, just figured i'd throw this out there to you guys with more experience than me.

Used about 12.5lbs Pilsner, 1lb Munich, and 1lb cane sugar.

Rob B
07/23/10 03:04 AM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
My personal experience with brett strains is that they will finish around 1.006-1.008.
07/23/10 10:25 AM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
So would you guys bottle once you reach terminal gravity of say 1060, or let it sit for a while longer on the Brett? Will help the funk to sit in the fermenter longer?
07/23/10 12:23 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Really its personal opinion on your part. Brett will continue to change the flavor and aroma profile. Check the gravity as you will but really its about when you want to bottle it. It will still evolve after that but slightly differently as not much oxygen will be present after bottling, were as now you have a slow influx while its in the carboy or fermenter of sorts.

How do you like it? what do you want to do with? Choose when you think its right!

07/23/10 09:56 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Thanks. I'll probably check the gravity in a few weeks. That way it has some more time in my closet that's staying in the mid to upper 70's with this Alabama summer. If it's fermented out, i'll probably bottle. I need to free up a carboy.
09/06/10 01:03 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
How'd this one turn out?

My last saison was done with Wy#3724 (the equivalent to 565) and dregs from a Saison-Brett. It went all the way down to 1.000 from 1.063.

09/26/10 09:22 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Still haven't checked it. Been really busy lately. Planning to bottle from underneath the pellicle this week.
09/28/10 09:37 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
I too am very interested in how this one turned out. I'd like to brew a saison, ferment with conventional 3711 yeast and sour it with just a hint of Brett in the finish.
10/22/10 12:00 AM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
So I finally bottled this saison tonight. It finished @1.000! I was kind of shocked. It has a great Brett flavor and funk. Pellicle was huge. I just bottled from underneath it. Can't wait until it's ready to drink.
10/22/10 10:53 AM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Wow. Please keep us updated. Also, I'd be interested in finding out if you see a pellicle form in the bottle.

I'd like to get just a hint of Brett in the finish sort of like an Orval type quality but also retain some fruity, spiceness in my saison.

Good luck!

10/22/10 02:26 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Ross, have you had older bottles of Orval? Something that's been aged for a while? The hint of brett that they exhibit when young really changes and gets strong in the older bottles! Both are delicious.
10/22/10 05:45 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Hi Jaymo, no I haven't! But I've heard that as well, I'd love to try an older Orval one day.
10/22/10 07:04 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Yes, I have on quite a few occasions opened an old bottle of Orval and it really is worth waiting for. Just go buy a few bottles and hide them in a closet for a few years.
10/22/10 07:31 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Are you kidding me Cisco? Most beers don't last two months around here!
02/13/11 12:50 AM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
I've meant to follow up on this thread for awhile, but just now getting to it. This beer has been in the bottle since October 2010, and it still sucks:( It's not the brett's fault, but mine. My thermometer crapped out the day I brewed it and the mash temp was off (not sure which direction). Anyway, it still tastes very grainy. The brett comes in, but the wheaties/grainy taste is overpowering. I keep hoping it'll get better with age, but so far it' not good. Now I have a shitload of bottles I don't like. Maybe they'll turn, but once I get to a year in the bottle i'm dumping them if they don't get better...

02/13/11 11:36 AM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Thanks for following up Black. I had a faulty mash thermometer once which caused me to mash in way too high. The beer's final ADF was around 62%. Horrible. Tasted like thin caramel syrup with flax seed.
02/13/11 12:27 PM  
Re: ? on Brett finished Saison
Ross - if beer around your house doesn't last two months then you seriously don't have enough beer on hand! Start making larger batches more often.
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