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tom sawyer
07/21/10 09:29 AM  
Stir Plates for Wild Blend Starters?
I'm using a stir plate to grow up a starter culture from dregs of a couple of Oud Beersel beers. After a week I have some good growth, and a quick smell last night indicated that there is a nice sour acetic thing going already.

My question is, how do you think the constant aeration of a stir plate affects the relative levels of the various bugs in a traditional blend? I suppose its always going to be a crap shoot as far as relative amounts of the various species present, but I wonder if there are certain practices such as aeration, that promote one bug over another.

07/21/10 10:55 AM  
Re: Stir Plates for Wild Blend Starters?
Good question. I've often wondered this myself, as I use the same practice for growing up bottle dregs. (on the rare occasion I don't just throw them into an existing beer)
Mike T
07/21/10 11:22 AM  
Re: Stir Plates for Wild Blend Starters?
Aeration will favor yeast (Brett/Sacch) and acetobacter over lactic acid bacteria (especially Pedio). Iíve had the best luck adding dregs from relatively fresh bottles to the wort along with a pure yeast strain for primary ermentation. Sour dreg starters have been hit or miss for me, some turn out great, the exposure to air quickly turns others to a noxious combination of vinegar and nail polish remover.
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