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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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07/15/10 10:47 AM  
I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repitchi
I brewed a Flanders Red in June 2008 w/ Roselare in the secondary. It never really got sour and only fermented down to 1.011.

I brewed a second batch in May 2009. I pitched a fresh pack of Roselare into the primary, and added a pack of Coopers after 48 hours. I also added some slurry of WL brett C to the secondary. It never got too sour either, and only fermented down to 1.011.

I blended these 2 batches and won silver in the 2010 2nd round NHC as an Oud Bruin. It is a nice Oud Bruin, but not what I want. I only bottled half of the blend, and kept the other half.

So anyways, I brewed a 3rd Flanders Red in Jan 2010. For primary fermentation, I repitched the Roselare slurry from the secondary of the second batch and added Coopers after 48 hours. I mashed this one really high (156F), so it went into the secondary at 1.020 (the first 2 batches went into secondary at 1.014 and 1.016). Over the last 6 months, I have added dregs from Lindemans Cuvee Rene, Petrus Aged Pale Ale, Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek and Mikeller US Alive!

I decided to pull gravity samples yesterday. The blend of 25 and 14 month old Flanders is still sitting at 1.011 and still tastes more like an Oud Bruin. However, the new 6 month batch is unreal! It's down to 1.009. Very funky, with lots of tart and sour going on. I couldn't believe how good it was tasting for such a young sour - it was very complex and didn't seem harsh/undeveloped.

I suppose it could be a combination of 3 factors - repitching roselare, mashing high, and adding multiple commercial dregs. But whatever I did, it sure seems to be working. I can't wait to repitch this slurry into the next batch which will be brewed in November.

07/15/10 04:13 PM  
Re: I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repi
Sounds tasty. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that Roeselare by itself is rather boring. ESPECIALLY on it's initial pitch. Good luck with your next batch.
07/15/10 10:38 PM  
Re: I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repi
The Roeselare gets really good after a couple batches and years of working. It's my favorite blend to throw in any beer.
07/16/10 11:01 AM  
Re: I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repi
I've only repitched it once I think, and it still hasn't gotten too sour, but I plan to repitch from that a couple more times, so we'll see how it goes. I'm still a big fan of augmenting with bottle dregs myself
09/27/10 12:14 PM  
Re: I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repi
Just a follow up. I decided to blend and bottle this weekend.

I don't know what the hell happened in just 2 months, but the "solera" blend that had been sitting at 1.011 forever is now down to 1.007!!! It is also sour, funky and delicious! I had to do a double take to ensure I hadn't mixed up the 2 carboys. I guess this shows that Roselare on its own can indeed produce good results, but wow, talk about needing patience, as the average age of this blend is 22 months. On a side note, the portion of this blend that I bottled last Nov has not changed much at all.

So yeah, things are looking good for this year's blend! I thoroughly enjoyed the flat sample.

09/27/10 12:35 PM  
Re: I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repi
Im with Cisco. I have used Roeselare several generations in and it keeps getting better. The last time I did that batches 5 & 6 were in the same ball park as La Folie.
09/27/10 03:27 PM  
Re: I'm a believer in adding commercial dregs/repi
My Bugfarm3 blend got really good at generation 3 as well. Actually, I've been lucky to have Bugfarms and cultured up dregs enough that I just pitched my first Roselare last week after over a year of regularly brewing bretts/sours!
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