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07/11/10 09:59 PM  
Had my first real infection
Guys, I had an ESB in the secondary for conditioning and clarification. I wanted to dry hop it so I added 1 ounce of Goldings pellets. About two days later, I noticed what seemed to be some fermentation activity. I thought it was nucleation sites from the hops and CO2 activity so after a week I decided to keg it. During the kegging session, I took a sample just to taste and realized I had a low level infection. Had that sort of burnt wire wire aroma when I swirled the brew in the glass. The malt character seemed off as well. So, it's snail food now. Anyone ever had this happen before when dry hopping?
07/12/10 12:12 AM  
Re: Had my first real infection
I don't think the infection could have been from dry hopping, if that's what you mean. Not impossible, but highly unlikely that that was the source of the contamination. Sorry to hear it. I have had some infections before but most were in my early homebrew days, from bad cleaning. Every once in a very long while I still will see a little "ring around the neck" in a certain batch of brew that should have been clean. It happens.
07/12/10 07:46 AM  
Re: Had my first real infection
Yeah, it's a bummer. Maybe it could have happened during the transfer into the secondary. Seems like hoses could be prime candidates. Who knows, it's summer, I live in the country and there is lots of stuff floating around.
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