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07/09/10 01:00 PM  
cultured fantome yeast question
Hello there,

So I have just brewed my third beer using yeast I cultured from a bottle of Fantome "biere artisanal sur lie." I have been drinking the first two I brewed, and am noticing that the yeast profile on these beers is very subdued and shows no sign of funkiness/acidity/brett flavor. The character is tasty, just not as weird as I thought it would be.

My question is: has Fantome switched yeasts in the last couple of years? I noticed a year or two ago that the flavor profile of their beers has changed to a more fruity flavor and less Brett flavor. Do I need to warm age these beers to let any bugs do their work? Does the yeast/bacteria population and proportions vary greatly from bottle to bottle or batch to batch? Anybody else have a similar experience using cultured fantome dregs?

07/12/10 12:08 AM  
Re: cultured fantome yeast question
Dan Suarez! How's Sixpoint treating you?

I don't have any experience with this yeast but my first question would be how old are your beers? It seems like Fantome s a brewery that would have a hard time getting rid of their mixed culture if they tried, if you know what I mean. So my guess would be that there is still some funk in that bottle, and your beers will eventually get funky. But funk depends on a lot of factors including how much food you left for the bugs to eat. Also, what do you remember from the flavor of the beer you made a starter from? Was it funky, or clean?

07/12/10 05:45 PM  
Re: cultured fantome yeast question
Got a microscope? Give it a look. Have access to a lab? plate it out...
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