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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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07/05/10 09:04 PM  
Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Shameless plug for the current timeframe to order fresh sour pie cherries both Mont. and Balaton.

Pitted or not.


I just got my email notification as the time to order being NOW. I personally will wait and get frozen ones from the stand in Loveland.

Scofield Fruits
07/12/10 08:20 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Thanks for the post, 1vertical. There is still a few days left to get your orders in for the 2010 Harvest. Here is the link to get on our "Fresh Cherries List". http://scofieldfruits.com/Pie_Cherries.php

Get on the list and we will send you a link to place an order.... These Cherries have Fantastic Flavor.

07/13/10 12:35 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Sounds like I need to make a trip up to Fort Collins for some mountain biking, but mostly to stop in Loveland on the way home to pick up some frozen cherries. Didn't realize we could get them here in Colorado. Psyched!
07/14/10 12:25 AM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Which stand are you planning on getting the cherries from in Loveland?
07/14/10 01:03 AM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
<<getting the cherries from >>

In the link above it says "from our stand" I assume that

there is only one...and It will be later this summer b4 I get back down that direction. I was hoping to help the farmers out and up their sales if I could. All the while helping brewers make good Kriek Beer. I think I see them up here in Casper at the farmers market, but they don't have the cherries here...just the peaches which are WONDERFUL

07/15/10 10:32 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
I put my order in for some unpitted Montmorency. Now I need to figure out how to freeze 60lb of cherries!
08/15/10 10:34 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Once in a while you find someone that goes above and beyond. That is Mike at scofield fruits. He will get

your cherries to you Using the peach truck vendor that

travels the circuits in this locality.

Saved me a trip to colorado all it took was a phone call.

Good people great produce.

Sincere thanks to the hard working honest farmer.


Mike Scofield
05/14/11 04:09 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Sour Cherry Ordering for the 2011 harvest will start in early July. Follow the below link to get on our "Pie Cherries" list. We will then email you a link to our ordering site once ordering begins.


Mike Scofield

Scofield Fruits LLC

Loveland, Co

05/14/11 05:54 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Do you guys ever make it any further north than Casper?
Mike Scofield
05/15/11 08:43 PM  
Re: Sour Cherry Ordering Time
Smellysell, There may be a chance that I may have a friend going north of Casper but I won't know till August. The Casper delivery worked out well for 1vertical as the timing was PERFECT! If we can make it work, we will but unfortunately no guarantees.

By the way, thank you for the great word, 1vertical!

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