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tom sawyer
07/05/10 12:54 PM  
No-Boil Sour Turning Out Nice
I took a wheat beer grist and let the mash sour for a couple of days, then drained. I took a small portion and boiled with some hops and added that back. I pitched a Sacch yeast and its been in a bucket in the basement for about six weeks. I checked it today and there was a very nice looking pellicle, creamy white and about 1/2" thick with no sign of mold. I didn't know if the beer would be any good so I racked and gave it a taste. It is light yellow and still slightly cloudy, has a bready/yeasty aroma and is only mildly tart. One of the flavors that is in the fore is a pineapple flavor. I suspect the pellicle was Brett rather than lacto, I don't recall pitching Brett though.

I added some sugar and bottled in champagne bottles with plastic corks. I'm hoping this will carbonate quickly and be a nice summer beverage. I'll probably keep at least a couple of bottles for aging. For a hit and miss technique, I think I got lucky and have a hit.

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