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06/23/10 10:34 PM  
Are you guys getting sick of........
Beers packaged in green bottles? Honestly, I've been at the point for the last six months or so where I've stopped purchasing beer packaged in green bottles. That means most of my beloved saisons I'm not buying as well as Tripel Karmeliet and a few others.

It's disheartening to spend good money on a beer only to get it home, pop the cork in anticipation, pour into your favorite glass, admire the foam and beauty of the beer, put it to your nose and.....skunk!

I'm just tired of it I tell you!

One thing that I found lately at my local beer supplier has been small, brown bottles of Dupont. However, $17 for four 11.2 oz bottles? C'mon!

Rant over.

06/24/10 03:56 AM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
As much as I love Dupont when it has kept well, I've also pretty much stopped buying it in the last 6 months or so.
Al B
06/24/10 08:02 AM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
When I go for a green bottle - I dig one out of a case near by - I suggest asking the store to do the same or store it away from lights.
06/24/10 12:32 PM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
I don't even remember the last time I bought beer in a green bottle. For this very reason. It's pointless. But +1 on Al, if you can get one out of a fresh case, that is better.
06/24/10 01:56 PM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
Back in April the style of the month for our club's meeting was Saison. I picked up 2 750ml bottles of Saison Dupont on the way to the meeting for us to sample a commercial version along with the home brew version. After both bottles were emptied I noticed one was green and one was brown. I had never seen a brown Dupont bottle?
06/24/10 05:08 PM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
I've only tasted Dupont once, and it was so incredibly skunky that I never had the desire to try one again. Everybody in my club raves about it, but I honestly feel like it's just a waste of money.
06/24/10 07:11 PM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
Doesn't the Brune come in a brown bottle? I love that stuff.
06/25/10 07:45 AM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
Avec, Avril, Foret, and Vieille come in green, the Moinette's come in brown. Not sure I've had anything else from them. I must admit I haven't noticed an issue with the Duponts being skunky but they are kind of like Fantome in this area, they fly off the shelf, so unless they are sitting in sunlight I feel safe. Wish I had one right now, would be a great breakfast. :-)
06/25/10 04:46 PM  
Re: Are you guys getting sick of........
You'd thing Dupont and the others would hear complaints about skunking and make a change. Then again, I work in manufacturing and it takes us forever to respond.
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