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06/20/10 09:31 AM  
NHC Results
Best of Show went to a Sour!

Remi Bonnart, Fort Collins, CO | Flanders Red Ale | Liquid Poets

Any on here know Remi?

I got silver for my Flanders Brown. Dick Blakenship, who I met last Sept at Sierra Nevada got bronze for Fruit Lambic.

06/20/10 09:50 AM  
Re: NHC Results
I'm also pretty sure I heard a call in Category 23 for an American Wild Ale.

Great to see!

06/20/10 12:35 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Congratulations Mark! Great accomplishment!
06/21/10 08:05 AM  
Re: NHC Results

Congratulations Mark!

tom sawyer
06/21/10 11:06 AM  
Re: NHC Results
Nice to hear these styles are getting some well-deserved recognition. I'm looking forward to more domestically-produced examples.
06/21/10 11:23 AM  
Re: NHC Results
That's awesome everyone, anyone else from the board collect any harware?!

I know Remi, talked with him yesterday I think he doesn't even know he got best of show yet.

Remi cultures and stores all the yeasts for the Fort Collins liquid poets homebrew club. He's cultured up a few Brett strains from some diverse sources. Makes some solid Brett beers.

06/21/10 11:25 AM  
Re: NHC Results
I got shut out in sours two years in a row! Berliner Weisse in 2009, and now my Flanders Red in 2010. But hey, I've made it to the second round all 3 times I've entered, so I must be doing something right... now to do it just a little bit better. ;)

Congrats on the medal Mark, that is quite an accomplishment.


06/21/10 12:23 PM  
Re: NHC Results
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with my medal.

This beer was my first blend from my "solera-type" project. It is good, but was not as sour as I wanted (only used the Wyeast Roselare), and the FG was >1.010, so I entered it as an Oud Bruin.

I have since added some commercial dregs, and this year's addition had a lot of residual sugars (was only down to 1.020 after primary), so I'm guessing next year's batch will be a Flanders Red.

06/21/10 01:25 PM  
Re: NHC Results
That is a good call. I should have entered mine as both a bruin and a red, although it took first as a red in the regionals, so who knows! :-P

I'll be fighting for it again next year in my home town.

Scott J.
06/21/10 03:55 PM  
Re: NHC Results
I know Remi - and judged that beer at a previous competition. It was the best homebrewed Flanders Red I ever had.
06/21/10 11:44 PM  
Re: NHC Results
I didn't place either for my 100% Brett beer in the specialty category, but I am still stoked that it made it to the 2nd round. Glad to hear the gold in 23 went to an American Wild.

Do we get our score sheets back, if so when?

06/22/10 06:25 AM  
Re: NHC Results
sol here. pretty sure i know why, but ill wait for my sheets.
Mike T
06/22/10 09:58 AM  
Re: NHC Results
No go for my Berliner, but interested to see what sort of comments/score it got.

Congrats of the Solera Silver Mark! I've got my first solera going, should be a good gueuze/lambic candidate in a couple years.

06/24/10 04:04 PM  
Re: NHC Results
so i tasted my entry last night and holy shit that is NOT the beer i entered. it was _horribly_ oxidized and there really isnt any need to describe anything about it beyond that. that is definitely not what i thought was the reason for not even placing. just tasted out of the fermenter and at least that is still good, but now im scared to bottle anymore.

/born to lose

06/24/10 08:46 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Just got my scoresheets. My Kriek scored a 44 in the regional and a 24 in the finals. WTF?
Mike T
06/25/10 10:56 AM  
Re: NHC Results
My Berliner dropped from 40.5 to 29, but between the two judges the only two suggestions were that it might be a little big for the style and it was a bit too sweet (odd with an FG ~1.002). I'd usually complain more but Stan Hieronymus was one of the judges, and he certainly seems to know what he is talking about.

I suspect having that level of competition adjusts the scoring scale a bit.

06/25/10 11:17 AM  
Re: NHC Results
Got my scoresheets back yesterday was well. Got a 40 and a 42, with the 42 coming from a BJCP Master. Knocked out in the mini BOS. Really all the comments were quite positive. I am actually quite happy with them.

CASK, one thing I can say is that the caliber of judges at the finals is probably much higher than at regionals, and they're probably much more demanding. And lets face it bottles change, and there can be bottle variances. Maybe they got a dud. It's happened to me before. Bottling can be a crap shoot sometimes, especially if you don't do it as often.

06/25/10 12:17 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Mike, do you have many more of your Berliner?

I want to get a berliner swap going with some folks. I have had very little exposure to good berliners, and I don't have a lot of folks around here that can give me good, critical feedback on my berliners.

You too tankdeer.

Mike T
06/25/10 02:11 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Nope, just one bottle of that batch left. I've got a new 10 gallon batch going, but it needs a few months until it is ready to bottle.
06/25/10 02:47 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Same here. Killed all my berliner. I still need to rebrew another batch though. Hopefully sometime this summer
06/25/10 03:05 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Chris - I was going to propose a sour swap over on BA, Ive got a few b weiss laying around that I might be interested in exchanging
06/25/10 06:55 PM  
Re: NHC Results
got my score sheets today and i must say if the judges got the same sample i tried the other night, they were generous with the 25 they gave me. however, i opened another bottle while looking at the score sheets and it was fine... no mega-oxidation to speak of. while i didnt expect to do as well in the second round, i certainly didnt expect the cause to be a couple of horribly oxidized bottles. i just wish i knew why there was such a difference.
06/25/10 10:07 PM  
Re: NHC Results

Maybe the shipping company left them in a hot truck overnight or other stupid things? It's not out of the question.

06/25/10 10:22 PM  
Re: NHC Results
i would have thought that but i tasted 2 bottles i have left (of the 10 total i bottled) and 1 was awful, horribly oxidized and crazy harsh. the second was just perfect, or at least half a point away :D
06/26/10 07:41 AM  
Re: NHC Results
Hey Chris-

I would be in for a berliner weisse swap soon (providing mine comes out okay). Keep me posted!

06/26/10 12:37 PM  
Re: NHC Results
Got my scores back a few days ago for my 100% Brett c. and amarillo pale (entered into specialty). I earned a 40.5 made mini bos, and got an Honorable Mention. I am super stoked. I got great feedback, and really only down side was that it was gushing a little. I heard that a American Wild won the category so I'm happy it matched up close with that beer.
06/28/10 11:23 AM  
Re: NHC Results
Nice job Jeff, that's a damn good beer.
07/09/10 12:38 PM  
Re: NHC Results
I got my scoresheets back last week. I was very impressed with them. I had 2 beers that I thought had a decent chance of medaling, and they were judged accordingly (my Oud Bruin won silver, and my Belgian Dark Strong advanced to a mini-BOS). Everything else I entered was just sorta average and was scored accordingly as well.

Stan H judged my Oud Bruin and gave it a lot of praise so that was cool.

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