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06/08/10 01:53 AM  
Possible sour cherry substitute?
I was reading an article today about baking cherry pie and it suggested using a combination of sweet cherries and plums to mimic sour cherries. The suggested ratio was 2 plums to 1 cup cherries. I guess the idea is the plums will add the acidity that the sweet cherries lack.

I have a sour brown ale at about 8 months sitting in the secondary that I think would benefit from the added complexity of fruit. Anyone have any thoughts on using the sweet cherry/plum combo in place of sour cherries?

06/08/10 09:59 AM  
Re: Possible sour cherry substitute?
I haven't done that particular combo, but I have added prunes, dates, etc. I've liked the results. However, both times I've added sweet cherries I've been disappointed. The sugar/sweetness ferments, leaving very little cherry flavor/aroma. I could see it working in a pie, where you'd retain the sweetness from the cherries, but I'm not sure you'd have the same results in a beer.

tom sawyer
06/08/10 10:18 AM  
Re: Possible sour cherry substitute?
As long as you can find a tart plum I think it would be an interesting combination.

You can also buy canned tart cherries (Oregon Fruit Products) at some grocery stores, or you can buy them by the case on Amazon.com. Not a cheap way to go but it'd get you the tart cherries.

06/08/10 04:02 PM  
Re: Possible sour cherry substitute?
I've ordered canned tart cherries from these guys before but they also have a concentrate that I was curious about trying: <a href="http://www.mi-cherries.com/order.htm">http://www.mi-cherries.com/order.htm</a> (the html link may or may not work but I thought I'd try to see)

Regardless, I like the plum idea. Even if it didn't closely approximate tart cherries, it would probably turn out tasty.

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