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05/18/10 07:16 AM  
WY lacto in wort - preboil...
Wondering what everyone's thoughts were for adding Wyeast's lacto to the wort and then waiting for a period of time before boiling.

I am thinking something like a sour mash but more controlled. Looking for tartness, with a some souring. Probably something similar to a Berliner in tart/sourness. Professor Fritz's comes to mind when I think of Berliner... But I do want to boil it for other reasons. :-)

Time period? 24hrs, 48 hrs?

Need a starter or just throw in the packet?

Will it be too one dimensional?

05/18/10 11:57 PM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
I don't know that it'll be one dimensional, but if you wait a day or 2 before boiling you're still going to get something similar to a sour mash anyway.
tom sawyer
05/19/10 09:56 AM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
I think its a good idea myself. I've had mixed results trying to sour mashes on their own, it can take a long time sometimes. I resorted to innoculation myself, I used some whey from a yoghurt.
06/24/10 07:51 AM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
Ok, I tried this.... 48 hours with it in the wort. I have some tartness which is what I was looking for but I do have remenants of the "bad" smell even after fermentation. How long do you guys normally boil something that has been sour mashed? Or will time help clean it up?
Mike T
06/24/10 08:52 AM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
Haven't done a sour mash (so i can't help with your current question), but if you are pitching lacto why not bring it up to temp to kill the bugs from the grain it before cooling and pitching the lacto? Thinking of doing something along those lines for a quick summer quencher.
06/24/10 09:36 AM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
That's a good idea, probably the best way to get some type of consistancy. I'll try that next time.
06/26/10 07:46 AM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
Mike T-

Do you think a rest at @ 170 degrees would help to kill off most bugs and act as mashout at same time? Was planning on doing that for my no-boil b-weisse next week.

06/28/10 11:21 AM  
Re: WY lacto in wort - preboil...
brewinhard, since more often than not people tend to struggel with getting a berliner weisse sour enough, I would advice against anything that will kill off the lacto bugs. Although some can survive the 170 MO, it will most certainly lower their numbers
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