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05/08/10 09:41 AM  
East Coast Yeast?
Hey Al B!

Any word on how the East Coast Yeast is coming along? Are you still planning on distribution in the near future? I am sure many here are waiting with bated breath! Just wondering how things were progressing for you. Hope all is well!


Al B
05/08/10 10:07 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I have just purchased a conical fermenter (and Propagator) for yeast culturing. I'll soon be assembling for maximum propagation efficiency - a dry-run or two with sanitary fittings/air stones, perhaps a recirculation loop via a sanitary pump.

I'm planning a saison blend, and bugfarm #4 initially.

After which there will be an array of different strains & blends - both regular beer yeast and buggy stuff - that I think will be very exciting to brew with.

I have found a good container for slurries. Labeling is done. Also found what looks like suitable insulated boxes & cold packs - will look into a flat rate shipping method.

A website is needed yet.....Timing? Well, I still have a day job ..... for now - a couple of months maybe?

ALL comments, hints, insights, experiences, wishful ideas are welcome!!! eastcoastyeast@comcast.net



05/09/10 08:31 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Great! I am sure business will be good for you! Thanks for keeping us posted and really looking forward to brewing with your interesting concoctions!
tom sawyer
05/09/10 09:09 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
The packaging of the White Labs would be ideal. I think they are blanks for 2L soda bottles, should be cheap. I don't know that cooling would be necessary for a few days' ride would it? I don't generally spring for the cold pack and have never had a dead Sacch yeast.

I'd definitely be interested in both your initial offerings. Keeping the shipping cost to a minimum would be somewhat important.

Would you disclose the strains of bugs/yeast in your products? That would be nice from an informational standpoint. It bugs me that Whitelabs doesn't say whats in their blend. At least Wyeast tells you the general components of their lambic blend.

05/09/10 04:43 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I'd definitely use the cold packs. I've had a few White Labs tubes arrive here (South Louisiana) baked to a crisp in the heat of the UPS truck. A cold pack is cheap insurance for yeast and bugs. Especially during the summer months.

Good luck on your endeavor, AlB. I'm pretty excited by the prospect of being able to purchase the Bugfarm. I've yet to make a sour beer yet, but when I do it'd be great if I could use the Bugfarm to do it.



Al B
05/10/10 07:25 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I hear ya guitarlord. Insulated boxes will be used for Summer months (AZ yr round). I will probably use a thermometer type of thing for a few initial mailings to see how it goes.
Mike T
05/10/10 09:33 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Really looking forward to this.

The wine barrel of Blend #3 is already souring nicely after a couple months, lots of fruit character as well.

05/10/10 11:33 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I am interested and waiting as well. I am in a predicament with too much beer onhand to drink. So it will be a while before I brew. Hopefully the timing will be good or I can make a mini beer (1 gallon or so) for a home for the bugs until I am ready.
05/10/10 01:41 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Hey Al,

Along with everyone else here, I'm excited to be able to get more yeast from you. I'm definitely interested in your saison blend, as well as future iterations of the bugfarm. Anyway, good luck putting it together!


Paul V
05/10/10 03:08 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I can't wait for future blends to come out. I will be brewing up a few more sours in a few months once I bottle the ones I currently have going. Definitely interested in the saison blend. Good luck with everything
05/10/10 04:25 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Saison blend pre-order wait list +1!

Al, I really hope this business idea becomes a reality for you. I'm no marketing expert, but beyond the enthusiastic BBB crowd, I can imagine that many homebrewers would be eager to have a new 'secret weapon' yeast source. . .

East Coast FTW!

05/10/10 05:36 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Thanks for the update Al!

I'll be ordering as often as possible from you and encouraging the same from the local clubs in my part of WI!(On a side note, the 3 beers I did with Bugfarm #3 are also turning out wonderful so far. Adding some oak to the Flanders and soured RIS this week.)

05/11/10 12:51 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
This is exciting!

Al, is the saison blend going to be the same one from a couple years ago? Because quite frankly that was the best saison yeast/blend I've ever used, and I've been keeping some going in the freezer for fear I'd never get some again.

Al B
05/11/10 01:15 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Thanks Tank,

The Saison blend will be at least these 3 (although I can add the other 2).




By the way Tank, I recently had the All Brett C. Blond you made awhile ago.........absolutely terrific.....really tasted like a Belgian blond ale.

05/11/10 01:20 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
WY 3711? Interesting.

Al, how does that sort of thing work from a legal / business point of view? I guess I always assumed that one could not trademark/patent a living creature, but in the age of Monsanto and GM everything, one never knows anymore . . .

Al B
05/11/10 01:59 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I don't intend to state exactly where I get or use some of the strains (formerly), nor will I use any TM names such as "Roeselare Blend" or "Belgian Wheat" etc. etc. or any WL names either. That includes brewery names too - unless I hear otherwise.

That bugs some homebrewers I know, however, some of the collection places have some disclosures of certain strains and their use as for academic/research purposes only - that is for their protection.

I will have a detailed description for strains with different nomenclature & such.

Certain forums have a habit of getting word-of-mouth stuff out anyway, so some things will be familiar. You'll know how to contact me verbally as well. How's that sound?

05/11/10 02:54 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
<<By the way Tank, I recently had the All Brett C. Blond you made awhile ago.........absolutely terrific.....really tasted like a Belgian blond ale.>>

Thanks. Glad you liked it. That batch is over 2 years old at this point. I haven't even had one in over a year - perhaps I'll crack one open soon. I still have probably a case or so of it.

05/12/10 08:11 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Anyone starting a business with open or ambiguous questions about produt ownership or liability would do well to seek advice from legal counsel. Just sayin'. . . I would like to see your endeavor succed and thrive, would hate to see any legal BS come up.

Didn't WY and WL culture up their original strains from commercial samples, then do as you have indicated (give only general / geographic designations, don't state that you are providing a particular commercial entity's strain)?

05/12/10 08:34 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Al, if you need webspace or web design help let me know. I will only charge what you charged me for the bugfarm.
Al B
05/12/10 11:00 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?

<<Anyone starting a business with open or ambiguous questions about produt ownership or liability would do well to seek advice from legal counsel. >>

What do you mean by open or ambiguous questions?

You do realize that WY/WL use similar or identical strains in many cases - DuPont, Fullers, Guiness etc. etc. but don't say it for a variety of reasons - commercial strains don't necessarily equate to the same as homebrews for one. The strains may develop phenotypic changes, different characteristics, or mutations than the commercial brewery strain. The homebrewer should not focus on the origin so much, but what the characterisitics of the yeast and style of beer to be made. If they have permission (like WY & Rogue) to market the PAcman yeast, then this is a different scenerio.

Of course, if you visit the Brewing Science Institute web page - they do state what yeasts they offer fairly clearly (includingg WL/WY, so obviously that is fair game. But my intention is to offer new & different strains anyway, fresh and healthy.

05/12/10 11:55 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Wow, never heard of the BSI guys. Very interesting, seems oriented to the commercial brewer rather than the homebrewer, though. I see also they are using the WL designation for WY/WL strains that they offer.

I guess I was just wondering if WY/WL would come after somebody who stated he was using 'their' strains. If these folks are doing it already, must be a non-issue?

Al B
05/12/10 12:12 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I don't think so EriK......just WY uses a TM on their names as mentioned before. I don't think Chris White is a bad guy either. Like you said, the cultures are not patented, just the nomenclature of their packaging.

Of course, I'll be looking into the law thing a little.

Yes, BSI is more for commercial. I will also like to help out the Pro Guy as well down the road.


05/12/10 02:02 PM  
yes, "as in beer"
tom sawyer
05/12/10 04:17 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
I just don't see where there'd be any money in a specialty yeast company. But more power to ya. I suppose if you've already done the work to get good isolates/blends, then you might as well make a few bucks. Can't see where you'd sell more than 100 units/year of any one culture. At $10 a pop thats only 1K, times ten strains and its still not a full-time salary. You think theres more of a market than that?
Rob B
05/12/10 06:14 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
He could do a hundred units to just those on this forum.
05/12/10 07:00 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Agreed Rob B! This forum alone could probably support him. And as fellow brewers become more aware then I am sure they would be more than happy to purchase as well. Word of mouth alone would spread it like wildfire! I say bring it on Al!
Al B
05/13/10 07:46 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?

If you ask the folks at WL/WY, money is made from microbreweries, brewpubs - the homebrew sector is a small portion. .....300-450 gallon pitch will cost a tad more.

Until I'm let go from my dayjob, this is more of a hobby than a biz. Nothing wrong with beer money.

Al B
05/13/10 08:15 AM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Oh, it wouldn't just be specialty yeast. One can always work up the local brewery favorite yeast strain minus shipping. Quality controlled too - that is my dayjob anyway!
10/21/10 08:10 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast? - Fresh yeast drop off
Fresh stock of ECY bugs was just dropped off today at Princeton Homebrew.

Bugfarm IV, Saison Blend, Scottish Heavy, and a couple of Old Newark Ales. Call Joe at the homebrew shop directly if you're interested (no website).

We're now on Facebook which we'll use to announce other fresh yeast availability. Hope to see some of your names come up in our links!

10/22/10 12:32 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Just hit the "I like it" button!!
10/22/10 01:14 PM  
Re: East Coast Yeast?
Grabbed a Saison blend from Princeton Homebrew on my lunch break. Look forward to trying it.

Btw, what is the name of the facebook page? I can't find anything under East Coast Yeast.


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