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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/05/10 01:04 AM  
E-Brewery Roll Call
Ran out of propane 20 minutes into the boil on my last batch and decided I'd get off my ass and finish my conversion to electric. Just finished my control panel and running the 240V circuit. Just need to drill some holes in some kegs and electric brewing will commence this weekend. Thinking a turbid mash is in order to celebrate the occasion.

Any of the rest of you have electric setups?

tom sawyer
05/05/10 08:11 AM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
I'm an electric stovetop brewer, but I suppose that doesn't count.
05/05/10 11:14 AM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
I'm a backyard propane brewer, although I have been somewhat contemplating moving to electric. Because of the scenario you mentioned - running out of propane, even just having to buy propane. It's a pain in the ass. Although I want to look at NG too.
05/06/10 12:30 AM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
Tried working on the e-brewery tonight and everything was an epic fail.

Biggest reason I started down the electric road is a more repeatable process, but not having to worry about propane will be nice too.

05/06/10 02:52 PM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
I don't brew "off-site" very often, but I like the portability of propane for group brews, Big Brew, etc. I always have a full backup tank. No worries.
05/06/10 11:29 PM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
I have a U-Haul store just down the street from me. They fill propane for pretty cheap and I have an extra tank. I just always make sure the one not hooked up is always full.
05/07/10 04:18 PM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
Not sure how I forgot, but the biggest reason I actually started looking into electric was Montana winters. Glad propane is working for the rest of you, but I'm excited to get this finished tonight and test the system out this weekend.
05/08/10 01:09 PM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
The e-brewery is far from done, but is functional at this point! Each keggle has a 4500W element controlled by a PID/SSR combo. I'll be adding a pump when funds allow as well as some little things such as sight glasses, etc. Might also add a HERMS or RIMS at some point too. The PIDs are auto-tuning right now and barring any unforeseen problems, the inaugural batch will be tomorrow.


05/11/10 12:35 PM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
So, how'd the brew go?
Scott J
05/11/10 06:30 PM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
I am considering doing the same thing when I build by brewery in the basement (just got the financing done). I have lots of questions. We can take it offline if they are too much for here (snowtiger87@comcast.net).

How much were the elements? What model?

How fast do they bring 10 gallons to a boil?

Any scorching of wort?

Did you add a threaded nipple to install the elements or just drill holes and use a compression fitting?

Do you have each element on its own breaker?

Any other advice?


05/12/10 12:45 AM  
Re: E-Brewery Roll Call
I used this as a basic reference to what I was doing. No scorching. Not sure exact time to get to a boil, but it was WAY faster than with the turkey fryer burner. Please ask any questions you're wondering about. smellysell@thebeerspot.com


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