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05/04/10 12:08 PM  
Is this normal-ish?
Anyone ever get a beer that produces 3 pellicles? I'm assuming its due to ambient temperature variation and specific 'bug' activity...but.... Beer has been in the secondary for 5 months now.

Also this is the third sour I have tried yet to get one that I would call 'drinkable' on its own. Most work well blended down.. too much brett.

05/04/10 12:28 PM  
Re: Is this normal-ish?
What do you mean 3 pellicles? 5 months is still pretty young for a wild beer
05/04/10 07:15 PM  
Re: Is this normal-ish?
I mean After the first week it got this coat across the top looked kind of like spider webbing. That went away after about a month. Then it got a coating that looked like cellophane with bubbles trapped in it. It looked like that until two or three days ago and now the top looks like kleenex or a fine white cloth. Sorry I don't have pics....

Just wondering if these are standard appearances or am I going to have 5gal of pale malt vinegar?

05/05/10 11:12 AM  
Re: Is this normal-ish?
Sounds fairly normal. The bugs go through different stages and different bugs are active at different temps, sugar concentrations, pH, etc.

Does it taste like Vinegar currently? Your first pellicle sounds like it could have been acetobacter, but if it taste fine now you'll be ok as long as you keep Oxygen out of it. Acetobacter is aerobic. No O2, no vinegar.

05/05/10 05:23 PM  
Re: Is this normal-ish?
Beer was tasted between the first and second ones. Seemed ok a bit sour but not overly so. Doesn't smell acidic per se. All three pellicles formed after a 'good' initial fermentation so I would think heavy concentrations of bad aceto-bac would be out competed... but you never know. I did fond some photos from other people showing the same things, though not anybody who got all three.

I'm fairly sure now that the new one is Lacto as the temp in the basement went up about 5 degrees this last month....

guess I'm being overly worrysome..

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